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Type of error

Error The basic skills required to use ASP are described earlier, and the other issue in this chapter is what to do when an ASP error occurs, and what happens when an ASP goes wrong. When a carefully choreographed ASP page problem stops executing,

12306 Booking tickets do not find the order to do

You do not have the corresponding order content, you can Ticket booking function to develop a travel plan. Ni-Ma, frighten me a jump, rush home for the New Year, Click on the order query, you enter "by Travel date", and in the starting date of

Oracle Common functions

The general To_char is such a to_char (Sysdate, ' yyyy-mm-dd hh:mi:ss am '), and there are several points of use for the book To_char (sysdate, ' DD ') see what date it is today To_char (sysdate, ' ww ') view this is the first few weeks of the

Oracle Date-time functions

Students who write SQL frequently should be exposed to Oracle's date-time functions, such as: financial software or HR software needs to be counted every year, quarterly, monthly, or even weekly. Today free to do nothing, deliberately collated some

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