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apache2.0.39 php4.2.3 is built under Windows XP module mode.

Apache|window Windowsxp+apache2.0.39+php-4.2.3-dev source File Download: 1. The apache_2.0.39-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi below or Apache_2.0.39-win32-x86-no_ssl.exe. (A full setup package (. exe) containing

Getting Started with Win32 development (6): Creating a Right button menu

shortcut menu, easy to understand, is the right menu, when we click in a region right mouse button, will pop up some menu items. This type of menu is ubiquitous, we right-click on the desktop and a menu pops up. The advantage of a right-click menu i

An optimized framework for using OpenGL programming in C + + Builder

Let's not talk about the valuable background of OpenGL and the bright future, the practicality and effectiveness alone is enough to make it the first choice for our graphics output programming. But in

Make a screen capture program with C #

Program we have learned how language like Visual Basic or Delphi can be implemented to capture screen images. So how do you implement this functionality for C #? This article is to explore this issue. A Program Design Development and operating envir

GUI libraries: Making native applications simple to have Windows Forms

This article describes the following: Questions about GUI Programming Creating a Window Object Handling Events and Notifications Forms and controls This article uses the following techniques: Win32 API, C + + Directory Both native and portabl

JSP environment configuration Apache2.2 and Tomcat5.5 consolidation

Apache and Tomcat are the two projects under the Apache Foundation. One is the HTTP Web server, the other is the servlet container (servlet container), and the latest 5.5.X series implements the Servlet 2.4/jsp 2.0Spec. In our production environment,

Identity of IIS Application IDENTITIES-IIS6 programs

The application|iis| program |application|iis recently debugged an ISAPI extension that needs to know the identity of processes and threads. The knowledge that is learned. MSDN Original: IIS application identities. ISAPI extensions (including ASP

Use CSC.exe to compile Visual C # code files to explain the specific role of CSC parameters and switches

visual| compilation The compiler for Visual C # is significantly different from the compilers of previous programming languages. The biggest difference is that the previous program compiler is to compile the program code to build the machine language

Memory management and file input/output for the Assembly tutorial

In this lesson, we will learn about the basics of memory management and file input/output operations. In addition, we will use the general dialog of the class as our display "device." Theory: From the user's point of view, WIN32 's memory managemen

Win7 ways to remove Windows services

Remove the virus that is hidden in the Vista system service by removing the Windows service. One, what is Windows services Windows services, also known as Windows Service, are the foundation of the Windows operating system and Windows network, part


Virus name (Chinese): Terrorists Virus alias: Threat Level: ★★☆☆☆ Virus type: Hacker program Virus Length: 118825 Impact System: WIN9X\WINNT Virus behavior: This is a backdoor virus, the virus will record the keyboard information on the infect

Cocos2d-x Getting Started (12) the dialog box in the game

There is a ccmessagebox in the cocos2d-x that you can use to create a dialog box. Ccmessagebox ("This is content", "title"); This is common on both Win32 and Android, and the bottom layer is the di CLR Extended PE structure analysis (turn, very good article)

Flier Lu <> Note: This series of articles in the Water Wood Tsinghua BBS ( of the. NET version of the start, Reprint please keep the above information, please contact the author Overview This series of articles w

memcached for Windows modify port and maximum memory

To use memcached in Windows, you must first download the memcached for Win32 installation. Download Address: After decompression, just enter the following command in the Command Window c:\memcached\memcach

The method of running environment configuration for JSP

JS Sun's JSP (Java Server Pages) is a dynamic web development technology that executes on the server side, based on Java technology. When executing a JSP, you need to set up an engine that compiles JSP pages on the Web server. There are several ways

VB programming to implement Windows XP style interface

Although the Windows XP interface is very gorgeous. Unfortunately, the program we write with VB in addition to the menu and the appearance of the window is an XP style, other controls are still the usual style. I think, some programs XP under the sty

The Mysql C Language API Programming introduction explanation detailed article

In software development, we often have access to the database, access to data, before there have been friends to Peck Rice to tell the knowledge of the database programming, this article explains how

Vb. NET developers must refer to the 10 bibliography

Reference One, program design 1.<<programming Microsoft Visual Basic. NET (Core Reference) >> (Visual Basic NET Technology Insider) This book is in-depth, covers a wide range of topics, and combines a large number of typical code exampl

Cute Python:python IDE Test

David Mertz introduces 6 Python integrated development environments and compares their features, platforms, and stability. He found--perhaps inadvertently--to test open source modules--free products seem to be superior to commercial products. A few

How to connect an Access database in Perl

The first step is to install the WIN32-ODBC module, which is as follows: 1: Download the from the Tools column, download the WinZip to a temp directory after downloading, a total of three files: Readme Win32-odbc.ppd Win32-odb

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