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Introduction to WIN32 Development (5) menus with radio tags

Handsome brothers, ladies, good afternoon, I come to fraught, please be prepared. Today, our goal is to achieve this menu effect in the following figure. is a menu that resembles a radio button, and only one of several items is selected. First,

JDK1.4 Implementation Access WIN32 registry

The Java.util.prefs package, added to Java 1.4, enables you to manipulate user preference data and configuration data by providing access to the implementation-specific registry (for example, the Windows registry on the Windows platform). Did you

Add a background image to the TreeView in C #

The TreeView is in Microsoft's. NET Forms window controls, such as the TreeView and ListView, are simply encapsulation of common controls, so they do not normally raise paint events. The only advice you can see in Microsoft's release is to set the

C # Read and write registry

Registry C # Programming to create your own IE browser Choose from Yudehui Blog Keyword C # programming to build your own IE browser Source Disclaimer: This article has been put on the Tenkine station, this is just a collection. Not to reprint

One of the complete guidelines for C + + strings: Win32 character encoding

Introduction There is no doubt that we've all seen a variety of string types like TCHAR, std::string, BSTR, and strange macros that start with _tcs. You may be looking at the monitor and worrying. This guide summarizes the purpose of introducing

JSP environment configuration Apache2.2 and Tomcat5.5 consolidation

Apache and Tomcat are the two projects under the Apache Foundation. One is the HTTP Web server, the other is the servlet container (servlet container), and the latest 5.5.X series implements the Servlet 2.4/jsp 2.0Spec. In our production environment,

How to use the Win32 API and other libraries in C #

C # users often ask two questions: "Why should I write additional code to use features that are built into Windows?" Why is there no corresponding content in the framework for me to do this task? "When the framework team built their. NET section,

Memory-mapped files for the Assembly tutorial

In this lesson we'll talk about memory-mapped files and demonstrate how to use them. You will find that using memory-mapped files is very simple. Theory: If you have studied the example of the previous lesson carefully, you will find that it has a

How do I remove a virus that is hidden in the Win7 system service?

One, what is Windows services Windows services, also known as Windows Service, are the foundation of the Windows operating system and Windows network, part of the core of the system, and support a variety of operations across Windows. Services such


Virus name (Chinese): Suri Virus alias: Threat Level: ★☆☆☆☆ Virus type: Hacker program Virus Length: 89113 Impact System: WIN9X\WINNT Virus behavior: This is a backdoor virus that steals important information on the user's machine and shuts

Several serial communication programming under WIN32

To complete the serial communication, in 32-bit mode, in general there are the following four ways: 1. Open serial port in file mode: Here is the use of Win32 API functions, so either in BCB or VC can be implemented. The meaning of the specific

I'll write a detailed: Win32 under the specific implementation of Apache user authentication (original)

apache| original Win32 under the specific implementation of Apache user authentication I believe that many of the verification methods used, and in the WIN32 environment how to set the Apache user authentication is very little, the manual is also

Tips for great. NET Programming

Tips for great. NET Programming Whether you re interested in Windows Forms,, Web Services, or the. NET Framework, this tips help you exploit the Still young. NET technology. by Dino Esposito The. NET Framework is larger than ever and

A preliminary study of COM technology (2)

Three, purely manually create a COM component 1, from the construction project to the implementation of registration In this process we will complete three steps: Create DLL entry function, define interface file, implement registration function 1.

Experience summary of apache+tomcat+mysql+jsp+php server consolidation configuration under Windows

Experience summary of server consolidation configuration for apache|js|mysql|window| server under Windows apache+tomcat+mysql+jsp+php 1. Author: moonsbird Topic: Experience Summary of server consolidation configuration under Windows

What is a namespace (Namespace)

Namespaces are a group of classes and entities that are defined to better manage instances of classes and classes, an instance of the _namespace system class, or a derived class of the _namespace class, _ The namespace class has only one property:

How to configure the PHP Web environment under Windows 7

This article is suitable for the PHP website technical development personnel, to the ordinary Windows7 user significance is not big, please everybody attention. First, Apache installation Version explanation: OpenSSL is a OpenSSL module that uses http Runtime composition of the detailed| Detailed Introduction Regardless of the underlying platform, reliability and performance are the main requirements for all WEB applications, although in a sense the two requirements are conflicting. For example, to build a more reliable and

Get your own hands on the Win32 wizard for Visual Studio to support the Build dialog box program

The MFC Wizard for Visual Studio can generate a program based on a dialog box, and the Win32 Wizard does not support it. Although VAX can directly insert the code Snippet of the dialog box, but there is no direct generation to cool, the following to

C # Implementation disc to do the boot disk

One: Programming ideas1. Create a Startup diskInsert the boot disk you want to create, the program automatically detects the CD in the CD drive, and reads the serial number (unique) of the disc using WMI (Windows Management Schema: Windows

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