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dd for Windows downloads and brief

dd for Windows download address: [Url][/url] (or find from the Internet) DD is a very important disk mirroring tool under Linux and UNIX, and now it has a version of Windows. Although DD is a command-line based

Common motherboard Troubleshooting

Due to motherboard reasons, this type of failure is typically due to damage to the motherboard or damage to the BIOS caused by the CIH virus. After the general BIOS is damaged by the virus, the data in the hard drive will be lost, so we can

How to use WIN7 's own XP virtual machine

1, open windows Download Center download: Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC Select your current win7 version and language. Here I take the flagship version of Simplified Chinese as an example. When selected, download the Windows XP mode

Good photo creative function to turn the football game into a "toy board"

Watch a real game back, this wonderful not only stay in mind, but also often recorded in the camera. The way to make these photos into a desktop football game is a very creative method of remembrance, the next picture on the right is a small set

Groovy,grails,netbeans Installation Configuration Manual

This article is written for groovy and grails new people, and if you're already familiar with it, please stop, lest you delay your time, and if you have leisure, please criticize this article and correct me. Groovy, a dynamic language that runs on

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