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The evolution of HTML

Today, on the IBM website, I saw a article about XHTML 2.0, the future of HTML, and some feelings. XHTML 1.0 plays a role in transitioning HTML to XML, while XHTML 2.0 's main evolution occurs in XForm, Web APIs, semantics, device compatibility, and

Develop a small outpatient management system using XForms and Ruby on Rails, part 2nd

Realize Patient Information xform Brief introduction Part 1th of this article series designs a WEB application that allows patients to enter information in a doctor's office. discussed how to create such an application using XForms, DB2 PureXML,

Implementation of MS Visio document cross-platform web browser--universal visioviewer

1 The XML document structure of MS Visio software Visio is a powerful, with a large number of customer-oriented office vector graphics software system, with its unique mold, template, towed drawing methods and intelligent graphics and other

Develop a small outpatient management system using XForms and Ruby on Rails, part 3rd

Realize nurse and Doctor Xform This series of articles describes how to use XForms, ibm®db2®purexml™, and Ruby to simplify the development of WEB applications, divided into four parts, this is the third part. This series of articles will develop a

Explore the event handling in Lotus forms, part II

Xform forms support for functions and event handling functions Lotus forms manages business processes by building dynamic electronic forms, collecting user information and passing it to other application systems. In contrast to paper forms, one of

Develop a small outpatient management system using XForms and Ruby on Rails, part 4th

Implementing the search for XForms by doctors and patients Brief introduction So far, we have created a DB2 database and three XForms to help patients and nurses manage patient data. By using Ruby on Rails as a processing interface, patients can

Introduction to the transformation of world spaces to page spaces

The transformation of the coordinate space and the world to page spaces The coordinate space is a plane, in which the graph is positioned in the plane rectangular coordinates. The application uses coordinate space to scale, translate, cut, and

Implementation of dynamic update of xform datainstance through XML data interchange

XForms is the next generation Web Forms Data processing technology, it through the data Instance (example), defines all the forms on the form and back-end application of the associated data information to achieve a variety of data processing,

Using GDI in C + + Builder to implement virtual platform screen

Introduction The operation of the screen is the general operation of control, but due to the inherent reasons of the screen itself, there are some problems, such as: high cost, easy to damage, difficult to repair and so on. So the computer virtual

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