Combine ASP NET Core and SQL Server with Docker Compose

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    • Docker Compose
      • Brief introduction
      • Installation
    • WEBAPI Project
      • Create a project
      • Writing Dockfile
    • Web MVC Project
      • Create a project
      • Writing Dockfile
    • Writing docker-compose.yml files
    • Run the project
    • Source
    • Reference

This article simulates a relatively complete project, including front-end (MVC), Back-end (WEBAPI), and Database (Mssql-server-linux). Assemble and execute them through the Docker Compose definition. Related to Docker Compose installation, command, DOCKER-COMPOSE.YML file authoring, WebApi and MVC project authoring, Dockfile writing, etc.

About Docker Compose

Docker compose is one of the Docker musketeers that defines and runs multiple Docker container applications, docker compose up and is responsible for the rapid orchestration of Docker container clusters.

We can define a separate application container through Dockerfile. However,docker compose command  in the daily work, docker compose volumes often encounter the need for multiple containers to cooperate with each other to complete a task. For example, to implement a Web project, in addition to the Web Services container itself, it is often necessary to add the backend database service container, install docker compose and so on.

Compose just met the demand. It allows the user to define a set of associated application containers through a separate DOCKER-COMPOSE.YML configuration board file (YAML format). Then, docker compose build using a single command, you can create and start all services based on the configuration.

    1. Curl Download Docker Compose

sudo curl -L{{site.compose_version}}/docker-compose-$(uname -s)-$(uname -m) -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

Replace {{site.compose_version}} with the latest version number

    1. Assign Execute Permissions

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
    1. Test whether the installation was successful

docker-compose --version
WEBAPI Project Creation Project
    1. Refer to the Microsoft sample create a Web API for creating a net core 2.1-based WEBAPI project named Todo.api. Refer to the example to add model and database context.

    2. Register the database context in configureservices.

services.AddDbContext<TodoContext>(options =>
    1. Refer to Microsoft Sample work with SQL Server LocalDB Add seed class and add seed initializer inside Program.cs.

public static void Main(string[] args)
        var host = CreateWebHostBuilder(args).Build();

        using (var scope = host.Services.CreateScope())
            var services = scope.ServiceProvider;

                var context = services.GetRequiredService<TodoContext>();
                if (context.Database.GetPendingMigrations().Any())
            catch (Exception ex)
                var logger = services.GetRequiredService<ILogger<Program>>();
                logger.LogError(ex, "An error occurred seeding the DB.");


Just run the add-migration command to generate the migration. There is no need to execute the update-database command, as the program runs through the context. Database.migrate () to perform the migration.

Writing Dockfile

FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.1-aspnetcore-runtime


EXPOSE 80/tcp

ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "Todo.Api.dll"]
WEB MVC Project Creation Project
    1. Create a net core 2.1-based web MVC project named Webmvc.

    2. Add the Service to invoke the WebApi open interface.

public class TodoService : ITodoService
        private readonly HttpClient _apiClient;
        private readonly IOptions<ApiConfig> _setting;

        public TodoService(HttpClient httpClient, IOptions<ApiConfig> settings)
            _apiClient = httpClient;
            _setting = settings;

        public async Task<IEnumerable<TodoViewModel>> GetTodos()
            var url = $"{_setting.Value.TodoApiUrl}/api/todo";
            var dataString = await _apiClient.GetStringAsync(url);
            return JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<IEnumerable<TodoViewModel>>(dataString);

        public async Task<IEnumerable<string>> GetMachineNames()
            var url = $"{_setting.Value.TodoApiUrl}/api/machine";
            var dataString = await _apiClient.GetStringAsync(url);
            return JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<IEnumerable<string>>(dataString);
Writing Dockfile

FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.1-aspnetcore-runtime


EXPOSE 80/tcp

ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "WebMVC.dll"]
Writing docker-compose.yml files

version: "3"

    image: webmvc
      context: ./WebMVC
      dockerfile: Dockerfile
    - "8080:80"
      - ./WebMVC/bin/pub/:/app
    container_name: webmvc
      - todo.api

    image: todo.api
      -;User=sa;[email protected];Database=WebAPI_SQL_Docker_Demo;    
      context: ./Todo.Api
      dockerfile: Dockerfile
      - "8081:80"
      - ./Todo.Api/bin/pub/:/app
    container_name: todo.api
    image: microsoft/mssql-server-linux:2017-latest
      - [email protected]
      - "1433:1433"

Image: Specify the name of the mirror or build image
Build: Build the build image. The context directive specifies the path to the folder where Dockerfile is located, and the Dockerfile directive specifies Dockerfile file name
Environment: Setting Environment variables
Ports: Exposes port information. Using the host Port: Container port (host:container) format
Volumes: The Mount path setting for the data volume. Host path (Host:container) can be set
Container_name: Specifies the container name. The default is to use the project name _ service Name _ ordinal format
DEPENDS_ON: Solve the problem of container dependency and start-up

For more information, refer to Compose file version 3 reference

Run the project
    1. Execute thedocker-compose buildservice container in the build project under the Docker-compose.yml file-through directory.

docker-compose build
    1. Bydocker-compose upcreating, associating, and starting the service.

docker-compose up

-D runs the service container in the background.
--scale Service=num creates n instances of a service.

Please refer to Compose (docker-compose) CLI for details reference

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Combine ASP NET Core and SQL Server with Docker Compose

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