The secret of self-taught: 115 Web Develop resources _ Classic NET Pick

The first thing you need to do to become a WEB developer is to understand the basic Html [Hypertext Markup Language],W3C specific tutorials that can serve as your starting education. Of course only Html is not satisfied, you need to use the search

Three kinds of creation of JS function, four kinds of call

1 //three ways to create a function2 functionOne () {//function declaration, not belonging to any object, always defaults to global object3Console.log ("First function")4 //The default has a return this, which returns the contents of the function5 }6

PHP some practical self-made methods

JSON garbled to Chinesefunction decodeunicode ($str) { returnpreg_replace_callback('/\\ \\u ([0-9a-f]{4})/I ', create_function (' $matches ', ' return mb_convert_encoding ( Pack ("h*", $matches [1]), "UTF-8", "ucs-2be"); ' ),

JWT (JSON Web Token) : About

Concept of 1.JWT:The full name of the JWT is the JSON Web Token, a concise, URL-safe declarative specification for communicating security information between the two parties. JWT, as an open standard (RFC 7519), defines a concise, self-contained

PHP Performance Optimization--laravel performance optimization


This tutorial introduces skills of Laravel Official offers some optimizations including laravel performance optimization and PHP Performance Optimization.

JQuery Prop () method

The prop () method sets or returns the attributes and values of the selected element.Returns the value of the first matching element when a property value is returned;

LODOP print control does not print CSS background map what to do

Background:url () This is a CSS background map, the HTTP protocol will download the background map asynchronously, so it is easy to wait for the download to begin printing, so lodop do not print CSS background map.LODOP does not print the CSS Distributed Application cluster deployment in detailtags (space delimited): JobRecently work to use job, the company's job some do not meet the personal use, so I want to make a job station practice practiced hand, on-line to see a bit, found quartz, MVC timestamp prevents replay attacks

Time Stamp effectThe client makes a request to the server-side interface and, if the request information is encrypted, is intercepted by a third party to the request packet, which can be used to repeat the request operation. If the service side does

The difference between form-data, x-www-form-urlencoded, raw and binary in postman

1, Form-data:Is the multipart/form-data in the HTTP request, which will process the form into a single message, labeled as a unit, separated by a delimiter. You can upload a key-value pair or upload a file. When the uploaded field is a file, there

The difference between a JSON object and a JSON string

JSON objectSometimes the two concepts are confused when doing the project, especially when using SPRINGMVC, the background @requestbody accepts a JSON-formatted string, which must be a string.Let's start with the JSON object, which begins with the

KMS auto-activation on Raspberry Pi 3 (raspberrypi 3B)

There are a number of ways to build a KMS server on Raspberry Pi 3, and here is a relatively simple and complex one.

Selenium-webdriver Simple Tutorial

Selenium/webdriver can be installed by Selenium-webdriver.gem package in Ruby EnvironmentGem install selenium-webdriver  supports languages and versions with Ruby 1.8.7~1.9.2,jrbuy and rubinius  Selenium-webdriver contains selenium-client, while

JS how to determine whether the text is full-width or half-width (reproduced)

JS how to determine whether the text is full-width or half-width (reproduced)Reprinted from: angle: is a computer character that refers to the position of a full-width character occupying two standard

HTTP status code: 301, 302 redirect


In this article, it introduce the concept of HTTP status code like 301 and 302 and their Issues to note on the selection.

HTTP returns the difference between 301 and 302 in the status code

Official statementlist of http status codes301 moved permanently#this and all  Future requests should be directed to the given uri. [23]302 found#this is an example of industry practice contradicting  the standard. The HTTP/1.0 specification  (rfc 19

Modifying the WordPress address (URL) prevents you from logging into the background

Nothing to do, see settings-the general has a WordPress address (URL) and site address (URL), the hand of the two address behind the/wordpress suffix removed, resulting in blog background can not login, the article page layout

About the Nozeroconf=yes parameter in Linux/etc/sysconfig/network

About the Nozeroconf=yes parameter in Linux/etc/sysconfig/networkToday from CSSD fails to Join the Cluster after Private Network recovered if Avahi Daemon are up and Running (Doc ID 1501093.1) article To this parameter,In this article, there is the

Run ASP for XAMPP--let XAMPP support ASP

Today the classmate installed a xampp. To use FTP and MySQL.But he used ASP to develop Web pages, and then didn't want to install IIS, and asked me to help him out.Google on the internet, and found that someone abroad has sent a tutorial, but in

About HTTP return Codes 301, 302 differences with SEO

301 (permanently moved) The requested page has been permanently moved to a new location. When the server returns this response, the requestor is automatically forwarded to the new location. You should use this code to tell the search engine that a

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