Compressing and Encrypting File with PHP Zip Module

In recent days, some data collected by crawlers, stored in the hard disk, with more and more data. So we started compressing and encrypting with PHP Zip module.

Assign a value to JS based on the property name of the URL

1. Method One: JS Regular expression: request path: Square Two:functionGeturlparam (paramename) {// is a string that starts with the current URL's?, which is the query string

Apache + PHP

Reference Links:Https://, install Apache"D:\soft\Apache24\bin\httpd.exe"-K Install"D:\soft\Apache24\bin\httpd.exe"-K Start"D:\soft\Apache24\bin\httpd.exe"-K stop: Ah00436:no installed service named "Apache2.4

CSS Effects (11)--Button fill effect

Button Fill effect Document Btn CSS Effects (11)--button fill effect

Curl Installation and use

Curl can be viewed as a command line browser1. Open the GZIP request# curl -I -H Accept-Encoding:gzip,defalte2, monitoring the response time of the Web page# curl -o /dev/null -s -w "time_connect:

The difference between number (), parseint (), and parsefloat () in JS

A: Number ()If it is a Boolean value, the true and false values are converted to 1 and 0, respectively.If it is a numeric value, it is simply passed in and returned.If it is a null value, 0 is returned.If it is undefined, return nan.If it is a

Summary of ASP. NET State Service and Session Lost Problem

When asp.net2.0 the system, there is a session loss problem when deleting or creating file operations in the program.

Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 activation code serial number full version free download

Paragon NTFS for Mac serial number:Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 is the largest software that handles Mac hard drive problems. It supports all NTFS and advanced NTFS files.This will help set the hard drive data. It solves the problem of hard drive and

Error 404–not Found after WebLogic deployment

Error 404--not Found errorsFrom RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol--http/1.1:10.4.5 404 Not FoundThe server has not found anything matching the Request-uri. No indication is given of whether the condition is temporary or permanent.If the server

Phpredis Redis cluster Redis Cluster

Official Url: introduces cluster support as of version 3.0.0, and to communicate with a cluster using Phpredis one needs to use th E Rediscluster class. For the majority

Visual GC hints "not supported by this JVM" solution (Configuration jstatd)

Visual GC Prompt "Not supported by this JVM", if you want to use this plug-in, you need to configure the JSTATD connection method, the following jstatd configuration;1. Configure security PolicyFile path $java_home/jre/lib/security/java.policyAt the

Kafka producer production data to Kafka exception: Got error produce response with correlation ID-on topic-partition ... Error:network_exception

Kafka producer production data to Kafka exception: Got error produce response with correlation ID-on topic-partition ... Error:network_exception1. Description of the problem2017-09-13 15:11:30.656 o.a.k.c.p.i.Sender [WARN] Got error produce response

Using Mqttnet to build an MQTT Server

ObjectiveMqttnet is the. NET open source Class library of the MQTT protocol. Mqttnet is a. NET library for MQTT based communication. IT provides a MQTT client and a MQTT server. The implementation is based on the documentation from

Intellij idea + Tomcat workaround for HTTP status 404 error

I'm going to make a POC, get an old project, use the war exploded to deploy to the native Tomcat (version 8.5)When you start Tomcat by IntelliJ idea, you find that the login page of the system is http-status-404 error, and when you open

The roles and differences of Linux/etc/issue and/etc/

1./ETC/MOTD/ETC/MOTD is messageoftoday (bulletin board information), each time the user logs on, the contents of the/ETC/MOTD file are displayed in the user's terminal. The system administrator can edit the system activity message in the file, For

PHP preg_replace () regular replace all strings that match the criteria

PHP preg_replace () Regular replacement, unlike JavaScript regular substitution, PHP preg_replace () is the default is to replace all symbol matching conditions of the elements need our program processing data is not always pre-designed database

Remove Discuz x3.2-powered by discuz!

Discuz Forum website title bar tail Powered by discuz! Do you really want to delete it, especially why is there a short line left? Here's how you can delete or modify the exact name.Tools/Materials8UFTP (upload software using your familiar website

30 great PHP Open source CMS Content management System

This article brings together 30 excellent open source CMS station system, using PHP development. The following list is not in order.1. AdaptCMSAdaptCMS Lite is an open-source CMS system, characterized by ease of use and easy access to other systems,

PHP text-style message board source code

PHP text Message Board--code sharingindex.php (Home)U.S.-Japan Exchange message Board Add a message title: Message: Message content:doaddliuyan.php (Add message)U.S.-Japan Exchange message Board Add a message Perform

HTML5 UTF-8 Chinese Characters

html5 title HTML5 's content! HelloI wrote it in notepad, after the save on the Web page ran unexpectedly garbled. Replace with GB2312 to display Chinese correctly.html5 title HTML5 's content! HelloBut after all, the standards are Different. Still

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