Fix spring-security Session Timeout Ajax request no redirect issue

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At the beginning, the code is like this:

        $.ajax ({            "POST",            Url:ssource,            false,            "JSON",            Data:aodata,            success:function (resp) {                alert (one)                fncallback (resp);                $ (' Data loading complete ', 1, ' success.gif ', function () {                 });            }         });

Spring-security session timeout, the query button can still click, and did not jump, observed that this method has problems.

Knowing more about the use of Ajax requests, the problem is that the request is in JSON format, and after the spring-security session expires, the redirected login page is returned, so we know what to do.

The reason is not complex, the solution is simple,---added error handling methods, problem solving!

,            error:function (XMLHttpRequest, Textstatus, Errorthrown) {                /*  alert (textstatus)//  here is Parsefailue                alert (errorthrown)//Here The display is parsing JSON                 error, =                  Xmlhttprequest.responsetext                //  alert (responsetext)                  document.write ( ResponseText);             },            complete:function (XMLHttpRequest, textstatus) {                            }

Keep it down!

Fix spring-security Session Timeout Ajax request no redirect issue

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