ICBC's solutions for Alibaba Cloud security under Vista and IE7

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Depressed, I started to install this stuff after getting back to Alibaba Cloud security at noon in one day. Baidu and Google were all used up and still failed to work well! I went to the ICBC forum to send a comment to everyone. In fact, I also found that there was not much water for the moderators of the ICBC, and the answers were the same. I would not answer any technical questions. After reading the problems left by our predecessors, they are all waiting to be solved. Otherwise, we need to use something like XP and IE6. Alas, it's always a bad word. If you know it is so troublesome, if you know...

In the end, we still solve the problem by using the XP system. Below we will list the Final Solution for help and some people will find it available for use (after obtaining it, ICBC will launch a ushield compatible with Vista IE7 ).

1. Go to ICBC. com. cn to go to the next personalHua HongDriverProgramDo not use a disk,Your system is not supported!For installation, you only need to follow the next step !!!

2. after the installation is complete, right-click "computer"> "properties"> "Device Manager" and choose "computer"> "properties"> "Device Manager". Is there a new hardware? "smart... "I also forgot my name. Right-click" Update driver "and select the driver. Change the last directory "drivers" in the directory to "USB driver"C: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \
"Changed"C: \ windows \ system32 \ usbdriver \
"The next step is OK.

3. Open "Hua Hong client management tool" to go to management. Do not forget that the initial password is 12345678. Don't worry about changing the password because you will be asked to change it when you enter the ICBC website !!!

The driver is basically complete, but the most important thing is how to download your own certificate? This is a big problem. Let us know with a very bad experience! Log on to personal online banking and install the Security Control (if anyone who understands it should install the security control. If you do not see the prompt, you can set it in the Internet option) and log on with the card number. Follow the prompts to install the Certificate "person ICBC ca". After installation, select "Customer Service"-> ushield... [self-help ushield download] :) is the drop-down list not available after the warning window? It's empty !!! (Here, I would like to ask about the West, Baidu, Google, 95588... from noon to evening... crazy !)

4. I chose XP SP2 ie SP1 to help solve this problem. It is still very good on XP. I will install it directly with the free cd. Next step... restart... insert ushield... re-check waiting for the emergence of USB and other work well... next step. Now we can log on to the ICBC website to download the certificate (You can change the password.). Open ushield and check it. Click your certificate (the last one of the three). You can see that uninstalling is optional, indicating that we have installed it !!!

5. OK with step 2, you can take the ushield to Vista and use the "Huahong client management tool" to open the ushield. Click the certificate (the last of the three) and you will see it"Install"It is optional. We will install and install it, and then we will be able to use ushield.

Note: If you do not have an XP system, you cannot do it. If you are using a Vista system, we strongly recommend that you ask the bank staff to download the Certificate for you when purchasing a ushield!

Bank respondents: I suspect there is no practical experience at all. Otherwise, we need to change the system... speechless !!!

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