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Business Process Management

The steps of business process management include process design, process execution, process evaluation and process improvement, which is a PDCA closed loop management process.

The purpose of the business process is to manage stability, standardize operation, evade risk, add value service and support the realization of business objectives.

Business processes fall into three broad categories:

1, strategy: directly promote and serve the company's strategic objectives to achieve the process

2, operating flow: is the direction of the Department, the operation of the business unit process

3, supporting processes: Provide support and guarantee the role of the process

Business Process Design principles:

1, effective, complete, clear definition and design process. Process requirements The relevant management elements can flow in accordance with the established programmatic approach, a good process should be at least six elements synchronized flow: the flow of work tasks, responsibility

Flow of flows, goals and performance indicators, time flows, related resource flows, information flow

2, the process of design focus on customer and business needs

3, support the company's policy and policies

4, the process is continuous and associated

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