SEM of medical SEO ranking main flow as a supplement to transform is really kung fu

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The author published on February 14, "Sem of medical SEO eyes aimed at the users behind the search engine", for the value of medical SEO and significance, the author has been holding a number of special points of view. If the ranking and flow is the fate of traditional SEO, then for medical SEO, it is more like the traditional SEO and doping some of the web interactive design factors such as the special existence. In the "Sem of medical SEO eyes aimed at the user behind the search engine", the author said, "Conversion > Rankings > Access", "details to beat users, details impress users", these two points are complementary, symbiotic and exist. Of course, the focus of each SEO work is now a lot of medical SEO distress, in the end for the medical SEO, the future way to go?

"Ranked mainly"

For medical SEM industry, competitive promotion and natural optimization are two legs that can be walked, but also for natural optimization, a good and stable ranking is the most important. The author thinks, no matter your website content is rich and full, the page designs again beautifully complete, does not have the massive keyword and the long tail keyword rank guarantee, again good website also few people know. After all, our site through search engines can be indirectly displayed in front of the user. As shown in Figure 1.


"Figure 1"

Figure 1 is the weight of a hospital query, you can very clearly see that the station keyword in Baidu has a better ranking of about 2,413. Let's think about how many potential users of such a site will enter the station through keywords or long tail keywords? This is the second step we have to say the flow of supplemented.

"Traffic Supplement"


"Figure 2"

The query URL in Figure 2 is the same as Figure 1. Although the tool query can only be calculated through the formula, but a 2,413 Baidu ranked keywords believe its traffic will not be too bad.

So why to say traffic supplement? First of all, the author here to declare that this "auxiliary" is not "times", ranking is our primary consideration, and secondly we have to think about, how to attract more traffic through the existing rankings, that is, perhaps your keyword ranking is very high, But not necessarily the user clicks from the search engine to enter your website. This is also a good explanation why the keywords first site in any case can occupy up to 80% of the traffic. Perhaps your site keyword title and description of the writing is very fair and standardized and in line with SEO optimization, but it is not necessarily able to get the user's favorite. At this time the user will choose, in the range of his screening to choose to enter. Let's look at Figure 3.


"Figure 3"

Figure 3 is the key word "nasopharyngeal inflammation to eat what medicine" Baidu search results Home first screen screenshot. As we all know, the user's intention is already apparent to the keyword such as "What kind of medicine is nasopharyngeal inflammation". Similarly, the user wants to obtain the information level also transmits very obvious, IS has "the nasopharyngeal inflammation" "What Medicine Eats". Now that we have made clear the user's intention, we must achieve unlimited proximity and meet the needs of users. Of course, we can not fully meet the aspirations of all users, but at least should be done to meet our target audience. The red-labeled area in Figure 3, whether the title or description of the "What to eat" content, blue area, although in this keyword ranking better, but whether it is the title or description, are missing the user want factors, in fact, the user's intention is often very simple direct, At this point, he may not want to know "how to prevent the Nasopharynx", "The symptoms of nasopharyngeal inflammation," the treatment of nasopharyngeal inflammation ", and even" what is the nasopharynx "and so on, he will not know such a title and description to help SEO work (99.99% of users have not even heard of SEO). The user only knows what he wants, and what he sees. When he sees what he wants in search results, he might click on it (notice what I'm saying is possible), but he never clicks on what he doesn't want. We should not imagine the user's search behavior too complex and abstruse.

For most users, search engines are their internet world. The results page of every keyword they search on search engines gives them the right to screen and choose for the first time. Compared to us, this right is an opportunity, if the Good keyword ranking is the ticket to the opportunity, then use this limited title and description to the site with our ranking similar to the competition is our stepping stone. It can help us stand a little higher, a little bit higher, can let users have a good first impression on our website, users can click and enter our website.

In an easy to understand words, SEO optimization is not only the ranking, but also the user in the search results of our intuitive impression. And the author here said the "Flow supplement" the real meaning, it is necessary to us in the search results page began to analyze and study the user's search behavior, so as to achieve the first step of user transformation, that is, from the search engine into our website. Perhaps in the keyword rankings we can hardly more than hundred feet head further, then to think about the stability of the rankings in the early days, how to more attract users of the eye it.

"Transformation is real Kung Fu."

Well, the first step is our ranking, the second step is through the search engine to the transformation (outbound transformation), then the last step, is the need to work from our own site, to achieve our transformation (station transformation).

For the third step of the station transformation, the author does not have much to repeat the content. Please see "Sem of medical SEO eyes aimed at the users behind the search engine."

"Where's the special?"

The author in the previous article often mentioned that medical sem is unique, said its special because and other SEM industry compared, its fierce competition, user behavior is not controllable, user experience is not measurable, the transformation level of complexity, the direct purpose of transformation and so on, this is the medical SEM industry's special location. Therefore, the author thinks, the medical profession SEO, also should follow this particularity to seek the SEO to optimize the outlet, only first the fitting, again conforms, finally then goes to cater, whether is the user or the search engine, may find all problems solves the method.

I ning Xiao Le, buckle buckle: 604163270, welcome the medical industry sem people to discuss together! Another reprint this article please indicate the source (!

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