Tencent Computer Butler 10.0 version of the medical Operation tutorial

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A) Click on the "Shield" or "Comprehensive physical examination" button to start the physical examination;


b After the scan is complete, you can click "Details" to see the specific risk, or direct "one key repair".


Computer Butler 10.0 If click "Details", how to complete the physical examination?

A click on the details to open the Classic mode, you can see the specific risk information;


b You can choose to "fix" all the risks, or to selectively fix individual risks.


Computer Butler 10.0 Version if click "One key Repair", what will happen?

Click "One key Repair" completed, you can continue to optimize the performance of the computer, here you need to click "Details" to open the Classic interface processing, you can select in Classic mode you want to optimize the item.

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