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Customize the SLN solution file MyProject.sln The project files you want to add are all under MyProject, MyProject.sln files are as follows:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 10.00
  2. # Visual Studio 2008
  3. Project ("{e24c65dc-7377-472b-9aba-bc803b73c61a}") = "MyProject", "myproject\", "{ 7F362630-8FEF-435B-8037-FB98B1B1F0C8} "
  4. Endproject
  5. Global
  6. Globalsection (solutionconfigurationplatforms) = Presolution
  7. Debug.net = Debug.net
  8. Debugany CPU = Debugany CPU
  9. Debugmixed platforms = debugmixed Platforms
  10. Release.net = Release.net
  11. Releaseany CPU = Releaseany CPU
  12. Releasemixed platforms = releasemixed Platforms
  13. Endglobalsection
  14. Globalsection (projectconfigurationplatforms) = Postsolution
  15. {7f362630-8fef-435b-8037-fb98b1b1f0c8}.debug.net.activecfg = Debugany CPU
  16. {7F362630-8FEF-435B-8037-FB98B1B1F0C8}. Debugany CPU. Activecfg = Debugany CPU
  17. {7F362630-8FEF-435B-8037-FB98B1B1F0C8}. Debugany CPU. build.0 = Debugany CPU
  18. {7F362630-8FEF-435B-8037-FB98B1B1F0C8}. debugmixed platforms.activecfg = Debugany CPU
  19. {7F362630-8FEF-435B-8037-FB98B1B1F0C8}. debugmixed platforms.build.0 = Debugany CPU
  20. {7f362630-8fef-435b-8037-fb98b1b1f0c8}.release.net.activecfg = Releaseany CPU
  21. {7F362630-8FEF-435B-8037-FB98B1B1F0C8}. Releaseany CPU. Activecfg = Releaseany CPU
  22. {7F362630-8FEF-435B-8037-FB98B1B1F0C8}. Releaseany CPU. build.0 = Releaseany CPU
  23. {7F362630-8FEF-435B-8037-FB98B1B1F0C8}. releasemixed platforms.activecfg = Releaseany CPU
  24. {7F362630-8FEF-435B-8037-FB98B1B1F0C8}. releasemixed platforms.build.0 = Releaseany CPU
  25. Endglobalsection
  26. Globalsection (solutionproperties) = Presolution
  27. Hidesolutionnode = FALSE
  28. Endglobalsection
  29. Endglobal

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