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Editor's note: How to reassure users in the privacy age? Want to allow users to register login, in addition to the visual to work hard, so that users believe that you are also one of the key, today @ Network Qin UEC students to share a good article, summed up 10 to help reduce the user's sense of insecurity practical skills, carefully think, a lot of well-known websites know how to do We can't be outdated!

Imagine walking into a small, crowded, garbage-strewn store. The shop assistant keeps urging you to buy what you don't want. In this case, you are sure to turn around and leave. If someone is pressuring you to make a quick decision in a hostile environment, you will naturally lose trust. This also applies to networks.

The internet is filled with people who sell you a variety of services and products. Users have to trust you before they can consider buying a product or service from you. Here are 10 more popular ways to convince users to trust you to log on to your page. You can use or simply copy these methods to build a trustworthy website for your online business.

1. Rapid Performance Value

Every user who comes to your landing page asks the same question: What good can you do for me? You need to let them see the value you can offer at once. Use a conspicuous title to explain what you can offer and what your differences are with your competitors. But don't put too much emphasis on yourself and your company, or you may be disgusted with the user and leave. Emphasis should be placed on how you meet the needs of your users.

2. Multi-use numbers

Being part of the crowd can make you feel at ease, you don't feel lonely, and a lot of people around you can prove your choice is right. Using numbers on the landing page, especially impressive numbers, can help you improve your user's trust. For example, 150,000 subscribers must be wrong, if there are so many people in the content you provide to see the value of the new user has no reason to join it?

3. Show the customer's recommendation

Showing past customers ' satisfaction is the best way to show you that you are trustworthy. Recommendation is a good way to show positive word-of-mouth. You can keep track of your comments and suggestions from customers on the Internet, or simply ask them to leave a recommendation. You can also add a client's photo to the recommendation to make others feel more authentic. If users feel the same way about other people's testimonials, they will rely on your product.

4. Using Social networking sites

Social networking sites are a great indicator of user trust and interest in sharing your product. Using social media to share times can create a sense of trust in your landing page. You can show off your Facebook page or Twitter fans and tell you that you have a vast mass base behind you. If the number of fans is small, there is no need to show it. So you need to build your own mass base first.

5. Citing media reports

In the past, if you had appeared in a newspaper or on TV, you would have attracted a lot of public attention. This is also true on the Web. Find out which sites are most appealing to your target audience and find ways to show them. Then you can use the words "reported on the XX site" to express yourself, and then use its logo to significantly enhance the landing page to give people a sense of trust.

6. Add Prominent contact information

What if your landing page doesn't answer all of the user's questions? then help them to contact you. Add your phone number or other conspicuous contact on the page to tell the user how to contact you if necessary. You can also put on a photo of yourself or a team, to bring a little bit sexy to the site. So the user will feel that there are real people who can help themselves.

7. Show that you value the privacy of the user

Be sure to let users know that you will take all necessary measures to protect their privacy. Join the privacy Policy and Terms of service link, so that users can trust you more. If the purpose of your landing page is to increase the number of subscribers, it should indicate how frequently you send messages to subscribers, you will not send spam, and they can unsubscribe at any time. If your landing page needs a user to buy something, you should include information about Third-party authentication.

8. Keep the design simple

Don't put too much information on the page if you want users to stay for a long time. The time to seize the user's interest is fleeting, so don't let the unimportant elements on the landing page preempt the location of the important content. A trustworthy landing page should allow users to see what you are offering and help them make the right decisions.

9. Do not use sales terms

Users don't like the feeling of people selling things to them. Do not use "value", "cheap", "Best of all" general words and expressions. These words will not bring any value to the user. If you want to win their trust, you need to cultivate them. Don't commit to things you can't do, do not make the intention of selling too obvious. It's best to position yourself as an expert and encourage users to make their own judgments by demonstrating the results of your work.

10. Do not use the slogan of misleading users

Let's say you see a "buy one get One" activity on a website in your favorite folder. When you open the store and you're ready to put something in your shopping cart, you suddenly find that the activity only works for the second Thursday of every month. Then you'll feel cheated and left disappointed. This is also true for your landing page. If your slogan is "Download Now," then do not direct the user to another page so they can download the new account.

Build User Trust

Forms are part of each landing page. If the user does not trust you, they will discard your form. To try this out, you can use form tester to understand how users interact with each part.

This is the optimal energy research results. They found that 81% of the landing page visitors would not complete the final step. This discovery has led the company to introduce a more compelling option component based on scrollbars, which effectively improves visitor conversion rates.

Landing page gives the user experience the starting point. It is important to have a trustworthy relationship with the user. Although this is a long process, all efforts are worthwhile as long as the results are correct.

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