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Layout skills say a lot, as a direct point to some excellent cases for the students to learn from, today gathered a group of unusual layout of the site, there are creative personality, can be unrestrained, variety, but also modern simplicity, the weight is clear, do not say, see is Huan?

June Duffy

Fashion clothing retail outlets, the ultra-fine variety of colorful lines, show the way the clothes are full of creativity, the price is also very moving.

Donguri Music

As a music production company, such a site is too stunning, flying polygons, all kinds of instruments, with a finger can play a sound, can be playing very high.

Missy Mary ' s Mix

Bloody Mary Drink propaganda website, website top sewing design is very classic, throughout the whole of the Mary Illustrator touched people, to drink a full mark.

Simple Type


Mod Web site as a whole refreshing and clean, slender English fonts and structured paragraphs to complement each other, for the simple layout made a return to the spokesperson.

Jason James

The front section of Jason James's site is beautifully formatted, with white, gray and sea-blue tones throughout the site, and a visually comfortable and delicate visual impression.


1910 is a small flat studio site, the ultimate concise black-and-white color, a large number of sufficient white, plus a clear font, high-end style naturally.

Happy type

Cultivated Wit

The website name is witty and interesting, has the characteristic place is the website directly to place the logo in the first screen central, absolutely is absorbs the eye the work.

Franz Sans

Franz Sans is a font of the landing page, color matching is very good, you can navigate through the entire font details, structure and so on.

Large font type

Bethany Heck

Bethany Heck give people the feeling is very shocking, coarse font, large color block, overlapping staggered, roaming between to give a heavy sense of sureness.

Pat Kay

Heavy navigation fonts, a clear background of the big picture, originally a common website, because of the unique characteristics of the site logo, become a layout of the brilliant at publicity.

Oven Bits

The font is coarse and fine, with proper collocation, adding a little spice to this serious investment website.

Teehan and Lax

Red Antler


Elevate APP

Aria Studio

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