18 User experience design principles that are most often misunderstood

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Let's see how many shots you got! Today, @edc Yu Yuanqing students share 18 commonly misunderstood user experience theory, from web design to design processes have coverage, but also with personal notes, can help many beginners less mistakes not detours, small set has been in the number of guns, you?

Read this very interesting website: http://uxmyths.com/, the website is about some commonly misunderstood user experience theory. Some of the arguments are quite old and some are not necessarily accurate. I picked some notes down and added a little note. :)

1, users will read the content carefully on the page


When users read the content of the Web page, fast browsing mostly, only when the user is very interested in the content, will read verbatim; Good web design can help users to quickly browse the content of the Web page.

Yoyo: Now is the information explosion era, users have little energy to carefully read the content, more to the grass, look at the picture, look at the first sentence, look at the bold way to understand the message. So in the new era, whether the design of Web pages or mobile products, the focus of information, the user's attention, the rhythm of the content of the interface, are the focus of the design.

  2, all pages of the site need to reach within 3 clicks


Fewer clicks to reach the page will not necessarily make the user happier, nor necessarily more efficient.

Yoyo: Users have their own habits, these habits are their most comfortable, but not necessarily the most efficient or most reasonable. We also want to follow the idea of designing products, how to let users use the product most comfortable, safe, happy, rather than the most efficient, or even set a quantitative standard to demand this efficiency, because the requirements of coercion is often counterproductive.

3, the user does not use the scroll bar


Now users are accustomed to using the scroll down to get more information, although the top position of the page is still the most important, but does not necessarily have to squeeze all the content at the top of the page.

Yoyo: Especially the iphone-led new era of smart machines, with the hand down to see more content, has become a user can accept and familiar with the mode of operation. Don't dwell on the top of the content, but the designer should remember that the top is important. Generally speaking, the first screen of a Web page exposure is far greater than the second screen and later. For example, the real data of the product I designed, the second screen and the subsequent exposure are only less than 10% of the first screen.

Therefore, in the new era of design, emphasis on information placement, secondary information can be placed on the track, irrelevant information do not place.

4, design is to make the site look better


Design is far more than to provide a good-looking look, design more important is to provide functions, processes, problem solving.

Yoyo: If the designer just makes the site look good, first interaction designers are all going to lose their jobs. Even visual, now also for the entire product to do vision, brand, user emotion, interaction, dynamic performance will take into account the visual design. So I don't think any designer is just working to make the site look good.

5, the website is designed to make it difficult and expensive for people with disabilities to use


Early integration into the design concept of services for people with disabilities, the increase in the design of the site is not too high, the site will be able to serve the wider group of users.

Yoyo: Have done some public welfare design projects, such as Yahoo Mobile search and Amber Alert cooperation, but has not been responsible for the design of a barrier to service the characteristics or products, ashamed, I hope to have the opportunity to design some.

 6, the design must be original


Most designers prefer to redesign rather than refer to existing design forms, they should consider that the existing design has been validated and user habits. New design, as a designer need to have enough confidence to be able to push.

Yoyo: Do not doubt this assumption, in the United States, the Internet company design team, many design managers will directly request subordinates, the design must be different from the industry. But to do innovative design, we must remember these points: from the root, solve the problem and have business value, respect the industry and the user has existing habits, not for innovation and innovation.

7, the website needs to be revised regularly


Users do not like to change, so the site's revision needs from a deeper level of demand, rather than just for the revision and revision.

Yoyo: Can solve the problem, has the commercial value, originates from the new technology promotion, utilizes the big data analysis the result, in these dimensions ponders the revision.

Do not for the revision and revision, do not want to look good and revision.

8, to provide more features and options, users will be more satisfied with


Provide the choice lets the user feel has the control right, is good, but too many choices can let the user be at a loss, to the product cannot understand.

Yoyo: Offer the best choice, but be small enough, do product design So, life is also so.

9, as a product designer, you and your user community are very much like


Think of the user as their own, will bring a strong subjective bias, the design is very unfavorable.

Yoyo: Many friends will come to ask me why some products are still used, should not be eliminated, why such products can make money, completely unimaginable ah. It's just that you're not the target user. Even if you are designing a music product, and you are also a senior listening to music users, but you can not see yourself as all target users, because you are only one.

10, the user will make the best choice when using the website


In an ideal world, users will read all the information on your site and then find the most valuable content for the user. The real world is that users quickly browse the site, find the first content that attracts their attention, and then go down a step.

Yoyo: Users do not make optimal choices, and even users are often biased by other attractions. So we do product design to consider these "unscientific not rigorous" factors. For example, you go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of water, out of the checkout when bought cola, chewing gum, potato chips, yogurt, you think just because you greedy, in fact, this is the supermarket design. Hey. :)

11, the design of the site does not need real content/data


Early designers used the placeholder "Lorem ipsum" to design the site, which gave the designer priority to think about the form rather than the content. And content is the main purpose of the user came to the site.

Yoyo: Content first, form second. In recent years, there are fewer examples of using placeholders to design products, and more and more real data are described in interface design.

12, the user test cost is high


There are many ways to test the user, the drawings on the paper, 5 of people's quick interviews, can bring good design input.

Yoyo: User research to do it will be good, in fact, not so difficult, so expensive, so complex.

13, product usability is good, the appearance is not important


Users are emotional, beautiful products attract users.

Yoyo: "This is a look at the face of the society ...", easy to use is basic, good-looking is necessary ah. Sensible, also need to look beautiful like flowers.

14, the user experience is ease of use


The value of ease of use is to make it easy for the user to complete the task, while the user experience covers all the experiences and feelings of the product to the user.

Yoyo: Explain these terms. User experience, users experience, the largest and most extensive, interaction design, interactive designs; Visual design/graphic design, visual designing; User research, users study; Animation design, dynamic and efficiency; User Interface design, the interface is designed, the feeling does not divide the interactive vision, the visual majority ... Although each company name is different, but the skill and the kind industry has been unified.

15, leaving White is a waste of space


White to the interface rhythm control, visual design is very important, leaving white is a visual element, not a simple background.

Yoyo: Really met a variety of product managers, concentrated in the United States, and repeatedly argue with me the mobile interface of each location of the valuable, must be compressed, to reduce the white ... Life you know, to have tension and relaxation, to the interface design you are confused?

16, the user is rational


The user is not completely rational, and there are many actions based on emotion and emotion.

Yoyo: People are not completely rational. If people are completely rational, the world I dare not imagine.

17, user experience design is a link in the project


User experience design should be throughout the project lifecycle.

Yoyo: If you still find the product manager to give you the demand, you do well, and then enter the development of no one to find you, this design process is certainly incomplete, you need to change this situation.

18, the success of Internet product design happened overnight


Most successful internet product designs are carefully crafted to take time to make.

Yoyo: One minute on the stage, ten years of work under the table. We always see others the most glorious appearance, but never want others in the success behind the bitter and tears.

User experience is a very new industry, we pay more and more attention, but not everyone has a thorough understanding, so the myth appears. Hope that the entire industry to understand the user experience, in the efforts of the vast number of designers, more and more clear.

What do you discover about user experience design myths?

Thanks for reading!


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