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Gradient, in the visual design has always been a style that can not be ignored. In web design, the proper use of the gradient, will make the Web page in the visual breakthrough boring, boring, stereotyped impression. The gradient does not even have any personality, all depends on the gradient of the color and the whole background is how to fuse.

Examples here, some directly with the color gradient as the background, and some of the use of the image overlay or texture overlay effect, and even some use the method of rendering color to the original trend of the natural gradient of the color transition more ingenious. Some use text directly as a gradient fill, break the white background to bring the insipid. Some sites even use the gradient color blocks directly as a menu bar.

Gradient color transition can also be directly in two similar color between the transition, or directly using the rainbow color spectrum, so that the entire picture streamer overflow. It can be said that the gradient gives the picture original tone has not shown the special beauty. In the practical use, as long as mastered a number of color collocation principle, you can control the gradual discoloration of this magical wizard.

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