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It is now 2015 years, perhaps it is time to make some changes to the site to meet the new face of the arrival of the year. Take a look at this year's most likely web design trends:

Overlay the entire screen with an image or video background

Video is a good way to respond to web sites and to express the uniqueness of the site, so you should not hesitate to put a large picture or video on the home page. Prominent tag lines and virtual buttons make the site unique.

With the increase in bandwidth, loading speed is no longer a problem. The next change in website design may be related to the recent HTML5 video. A rich background is easier to attract readers, and vertical scrolling helps to compose content into an interactive story style, similar to the layout of a magazine's content.

 Material Design

Google introduced the material design concept. Its purpose and principles look promising. This is definitely one of the development trends worth looking forward to.

Virtual button

If something is small, but glamorous, and has a special effect hover animation, then it is necessary to become part of the site. The virtual button conforms to all of the above features and is a favorite of web designers. They are dazzling and full of incomparable attraction.

  Flat design occupies a dominant position

In the past 2014, flat design has had a huge impact, and in 2015 the momentum remains strong. It ensures the quality of Web content typesetting, to provide users with the needs of the new year, will continue to flourish.

 Click to scroll

Because the cat and people like scrolling, so the site has a rolling design. If you still insist that the site does not need scrolling down, then you can't keep up with the trend. Home should be as comprehensive as possible, this is the trend of development. Users can feel more intuitive, support scrolling down the site will bring more dynamic interaction.

Circular Progress button

A Submit button with a progress bar feature that provides not only timely feedback but also space savings.

Higher requirements for typesetting

If the content is likened to a king, then typography is like a crown. Bold typography and big pictures make your site a piece of art. Fonts should also be considered, so that users can view them clearly on any device. Google Web fonts are not your only option, and you may be looking for a better quality and cheaper font library for you to choose from.

 Detail interaction

In the future, there will be an increase in the details of regular tasks such as mailing tags and ratings, which need to be created on a separate page in the past. Detail interaction increases interaction with the user, who has realised that it is available in many themes and plug-ins and has been added to the recent web design.

 Slow to reproduce

A slow reappearance can be a good display of the image before and after the change. Real estate industry, design industry, etc. can use the technology to show the progress of the project.

As you can see, web design tends to be modal in response. This is still a trend in the 2014, and it is now the norm. What other design trends do you think are noteworthy? Welcome to the message discussion.

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