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Application areas of PHP

    1. Web server-side scripting: the main role

    2. Application graphical interface

    3. Command-line scripting
      php.exe -f "php文件路径"Orphp.exe -r "php脚本代码"

Installing Apache

Open the installer all the way next

Install PHP

Unzip the PHP package into a directory in the system

Install MySQL

The default option is all the way next.

Configuring Apache and PHP

    1. Open Apache httpd.conf file to add the following
      LoadModule php5_module "php解压目录中找到 php5apache2_2.dll的路径"

    2. Add the following content
      AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .pap .phtml

    3. Detecting Apache Configuration syntax
      httpd.exe -t

PHP Configuration Time Zone

    1. Open PHP Unzip directory to find php.ini file

    2. Find keywords timezone and uncomment to change todate.timezone = PRC

    3. To set the php.ini file path in httpd.conf
      PHPIniDir 'php解压目录'

    4. Restart Apache

PHP configuration MySQL

    1. Find Uncomment in php.ini extension_dir

    2. Find a comment that cancels php_mysql.dll a comment at the same time in php.ini mysqli.dll

Apache Host Configuration

    1. Directory Access Permission Description

   #设置当一个请求中没有给定请求的文件名又没有默认网页(首页)的时候,显示文件列表Options  Indexes    #设置权限控制的先后顺序,只有2种:Deny,Allow(先拒绝,后允许),Allow,Deny(先允许后拒绝)Order  Deny,Allow#Deny用于设定要拒绝访问的来源地址或服务器名,几乎没有实际意义!Deny  from  拒绝名单  比如:deny  from  172.180.4Allow  from 允许名单   比如:Allow  from  all#设置该文件夹下的“默认网页”(首页),可以设置多个,用于请求中不带文件名的时候自动使用该文件作为“返回”页面。DirectoryIndex  index.php  index.html   main.php  default.php   abc.php   123.html# 允许分布权限AllowOverride all
    1. Distribution permissions are the permissions to set the folder individually without restarting Apache. Create a new. htaccess file in a folder that requires separate configuration permissions, as follows

Deny from all

Apache Virtual Host Configuration

    1. In the Apache Master Profile httpd.conf, open the multisite Virtual host profile entry (keyword: vhosts):

    2. In the httpd-vhosts.conf file, set the IP address and port number that you want to provide the "multisite" service, usually by default:: 80, where "" means all IPs, the default is actually Apache installed after the set up, No manual setup required (keyword Namevirtualhost):

    3. Configure each individual site

   #主机名ServerName www.baidu.com#主机别名ServerAlias map.baidu.com tv.baidu.com#目录DocumentRoot "C:/root"#目录权限配置
         Options Indexes     Order Deny,Allow     Allow from all
    #虚拟目录Alias /abc 'C:/alias'
         Options Indexes     Order Deny,Allow     Allow from all

The above describes the 2016-04-05, including 2016 aspects of the content, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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