2016-12-20 (front-end Interface optimization experience)

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1.input does not support before after, this pseudo element must be used on the element with container function to display Oh!

The space between the 2.icon icon and the font is valid, but can only be resolved to one Oh! --from chrome, or you can use it!

3.font-variant Font-style letter-spacing?

Answer: Font-variant: This property is primarily used to define small caps text .

Font-style: Italic, italic, or normal font.

The Letter-spacing:letter-spacing property increases or decreases whitespace between characters (character spacing).

4. The response is that the scroll bar cannot appear!

5. Browser network200, success is successful, but read from the cache Oh!   Ctrl+f5 not, then clear the browser cache.    From the Chrome browser!

A: Solve, manually clean the browser cache, it is enough, JS file has been added time stamp.

6. Does the code change cause the input box value to have a space after the commit? At least button inside icon and text will.

7.input with CSS to set the width better, the official recommendation!

Do the front end must learn to copy:

1. How do I read someone else's webpage? Imitation ability, the world article a big copy Ah!

2. See how someone's code is! Meta Information copy

3. Who copied it? How to copy?


Premise: The Name property of the input box must be consistent with domain's property name.

1. Placed in the form, there is the name attribute, so when the submission of the information in the form is encapsulated as a domain, the parameters of the incoming controller.

Day, mapper statement less a "," day, and then does not match! No, sloppy!

Oh, so, MyBatis's jdbctype doesn't matter!

2. if not on the form, OK?

What are the differences between 3.target?

Answer: _self: Default. Open the linked document in the same frame.

_parent: Opens the linked document in the parent frameset.

_top: Opens the linked document throughout the window.

framename: opens the linked document in the specified frame. (This is used in the project.)

4. Click on the page a tag jitter?

2016-12-20 (front-end Interface optimization experience)

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