360 Browser desktop shortcuts can not open how to do

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360 Browser desktop shortcuts can not open how to do

"Cause analysis":

1. Corrupted Browser kernel

2. Network Connection Setup Error

"Easy Steps":

1. Reload 360 Safe Browser or use 360 speed browser

2. Use 360 System First Aid Kit scan

3. Configure DNS server address to


Scenario One: Browser program not open

Reload 360 Secure Browser

Programme II: The Web page is not open

1. "360 Security Guardian"-"the function Daquan"-"360 breaks the net First aid box" (360 security Guardian 8.7 above version. "360 Security Guards"-"feature Daquan"-"Add Gadgets"-"360 broken nets first aid box"

2. "Network Neighborhood"--"right key properties"--"Local Area Connection"--"right key property"--"Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)"-"Properties". In the dialog box that pops up, select Use the following DNS server address. DNS can be set to "" to determine exit

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