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When you surf the web, the browser will automatically record your browsing site and some of the data entered, such as cookies, URL history, user name, 360SE can easily clear these records, to protect your privacy from prying eyes.

You can also set it up to automatically clean up when you close the 360SE program, of course, if your speed is not very fast then you do not recommend that you choose to clean up automatically, because the page history will sometimes save your network bandwidth.

360 Secure browsers can clean up the following browsing history:

Temporary Internet Files

It takes up a certain amount of hard disk space to save the network bandwidth by saving a picture script in a browsed Web page so that it can be invoked the next time you browse the same content. Clearing it saves hard disk space, but it also takes up your network bandwidth the next time you browse the same content.

Historical records

It's a list of URLs you've visited, and on the one hand, you can quickly find past browsing URLs by looking at history, and it also exposes your privacy.


The Web site uses cookies to record your interactions with the site so that you can interact better next time. The typical example is the forum, the Forum can remember your login information, so that the next time browsing automatically log in, so generally do not recommend that you clean cookies. Of course, if you use a public computer to surf the internet, it is highly recommended that you clear it, avoid the account being embezzled, and so on.

The URL you have entered

Record what you have entered and make it easy to transfer to the next time.

Data that is automatically completed

When you fill out a Web form, the browser remembers the form entry you entered so that you can select the next one. If you don't fill out a form regularly or use a public computer to surf the internet, it is highly recommended that you clear it to protect your privacy.

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