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Project Introduction

360 film (v.360.cn) after the revision, not only in the visual has a brand-new experience, in the Channel Division and Content integration, also made a great adjustment, hope to become a high standard user experience and the entire network of resources the most complete video site. Here to share with you in this revision process of the problem and harvest it.


After getting the design requirements, as a designer, early thinking is very important, far more important than the follow-up in the form of reflection above. The correct thinking and carding determine the direction of the product. So in the prophase and demand side in-depth communication is particularly important, in understanding the product user groups, product objectives, the meaning of the design to be expressed, after the subsequent commercial promotion, we for the prototype map for in-depth analysis and thinking, from a professional point of view to give reasonable suggestions. This not only minimizes the probability of repeated revisions of the design manuscript, but also maximizes the value of the vision on the basis of the realization of business objectives, and interprets the design according to its own ideas.

Design concept

According to 360 movie website Hope outstanding four main function, determined the whole station color adjustment sex. Mainly in blue, supplemented by grey. Blue is very pure, easily reminiscent of the sky, the sea, the universe and so on. The blue expression is a kind of broad, calm, tolerant and steady. Very consistent with the 360 film and television to create a new version of the user a stable, without losing the sense of pleasure experience.

Logo Design

This new revision, the decision to add a graphical logo, so that not only can improve the site's user awareness and user loyalty, can also improve the brand's own cohesion and influence. Our brand positioning is not only to emphasize the most basic video site playback function, more should be to explore a modern humanistic care and emotional state. Art is originally derived from life, only in the emotional ability to reach a deeper level of communication or interaction, can be regarded as a successful product. What we want to convey to the user is a free and comfortable life, not just a tool or product.

In the early manuscript process, all the elements of the image were discarded, such as cameras, movie screens and so on. Because these elements are too realistic, the positioning of the product will be limited to the embodiment of the tool, there is no deeper connotation. Inconsistent with the original product positioning. Finally we decided to use the play button triangle as the prototype, on this basis further extension can be extended.

The overall shape of the logo with the play button for the prototype, through the smooth corner of the triangle play key splicing. And the negative form is just a play button. Colorful color also implies 360 film content rich, wonderful colorful. The complete expression of the logo 360 film free and convenient choice and pass to the user happy relaxed life state.

Interface optimization

1, the navigation bar uses the video player commonly used black gray collocation, uses the bright light single line and the sliding button color change, highlights the texture performance.

2, with monochrome lines and color blocks to divide the region, and the use of large area of pure color as the background, with a single line of the region to balance the weight of the page, making the page more breathable and light. In the context of the rich picture information is very large, the design of the plane to distinguish between primary and secondary role. Do not allow too many lines to obstruct the user's view.

Design details to enhance the user experience

Usually, we do a project, will improve the usability of the website through the hashed of each design detail.

A. When the user mouse moves to search or other button above, the button will be lit, indicating that this can be clicked, when the mouse down, button will darken, indicating that click Down, and will have the results waiting for you. Each of these button on the page is presented with three click states;

B. When the user mouse over all text, the text will become red underlined, indicating that this is a link, click Down, will open a new page;

C. When the user mouse moves all posters, there will be a play icon, indicating that this is a video resources can play, click Down, you can watch;

D. When the user clicks on the "like" button after the film, there will be a "+1" form drift over, give users a positive incentive, that you have received a bonus points.

Project Summary

A seemingly simple design principle, applied to the actual product, all need the designer to think carefully. A seemingly obscure detail can bring a very different user experience to the user. Designers in the process of design, not only need to consider the visual harmony of the aesthetic and the overall order of the page, but also should pay attention to how to achieve a more perfect user experience on this basis. We hope that our products can be separated from their own one of the most basic viewing function, but can bring users a happy and free visual experience. Enjoy is a relaxed and indifferent life state. Think about how users should use this product, the way users are not created by the designers themselves, but the user instinctively know. The above mentioned, but we in the practice of sporadic exploration of thinking, hoping to play a role in the discussion. 360 film and television designers will continue to the user's psychology with great curiosity and exploration, so that each of our functions have value, to maintain a great deal of attention to the details, so that users experience unlimited access to the realization of real life.

360 Video official Website experience Address: http://v.360.cn

Article Source: 360UXC

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