7. Disk and file Management

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1. Hard Drive View data information

Fdisk-l//View details of all current disks

Fdisk-l/dev/sdb//View details of the second disk

2. Create a partition

Fdisk/dev/sdb enter this disk to create a delete partition (W save exit)

2. The system identifies the new partition (for redhat5.9)

Partprobe//load all the disks again, for the hard disk of the first partition, the error is busy, restart

3. Create file System (format)

MKFS.EXT3/DEV/SDB1//Put SDB1 into ext3, convert it into file system

4. Mount the Use

Mkdir-p/data1/game///Create a mount point

Mount/dev/sdb1/data1/game//Mount data to the data game folder

5. Verify the View

Mount | grep sdb1//Verify Mount | grep SDB//View All



Fdisk-l//1. Viewing disk information

Fdisk/dev/sdb//2. Creating a Partition

Partprobe//3. Loading partitions

MKSWAP/DEV/SDB2//4. Formatting a partition

Free-m//5. View Swap

SWAPON/DEV/SDB2//6. Extending the Swap partition

Free-m//7. View Swap

Swapon-s//8. View swap Details

SWAPOFF/DEV/SDB2//9. Unload swap

Free-m//10. View again

Df-h more intuitive viewing of capacity and partitioning

Df-ht to view types

In addition to Fdisk and parted can be partitioned

AutoFS Service




Service AutoFS stop Stop AutoFS Services

Service AutoFS start to open AutoFS services

/data/etc/auto.data//Create a folder under the data directory under the Auto.master file

Create under/etc/auto.data


LS df-h

Mount-o loop/root/desktop/linux.iso/media/Mount Image

Mount//verification or df-h//verification

Mount--bind/abc//DATA/CAD//Mount directory ABC to CAD directory



Mount-a mount all files for/etc/fstab

Umount-a uninstalling all Files of/etc/fstab

Mount of UMOUNT/DEV/SDB1 Imperial load SDB1

E2LABLE/DEV/SDA1 ABC//Modify the volume label named ABC

E2LABLE/DEV/SDA1 ""//Modify the volume label name to NULL

Mount-o Acl/dev/sdb1/data/tools set to a mount that can add permissions

Mkswap-l Swap1 Dev/sda5 Modify the volume label to SWAP5

Open/etc/fstab/file to modify boot automatically load file

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7. Disk and file Management

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