8 Key points of website interaction design

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First, strive for consistency

For example, the home page needs to be consistent with each of the subordinate pages, navigation should be placed in the upper left corner of the screen, a highly consistent interface can give people a clear and tidy feeling.

Second, allow frequent use of shortcut keys

Shortcut key to express the flexibility and effectiveness of product use, think every time we use the search engine is the mouse click on the search or press the return?

Third, provide a clear feedback

When there is an error to clearly say the meaning of the error, but also need to consider whether the user can understand, for example, we have basically encountered HTTP404 errors, but most people can read it?

Design dialogue, tell the user that the task is complete

To prompt after a user completes a task or operation. If they don't get feedback after doing a lot of work, they don't know if they're reaching their goals.

V. Provide error prevention and simple error-correcting functions

For example, some buttons that are currently not clickable are grayed out and the user is confirmed when the system is executed.

Six, should be convenient for users to cancel an operation

Most applications have the ability to undo and restore, and if users are always afraid of ever a knave, the user experience can be imagined.

Seven, the user should grasp the control right

Generally speaking, users want to control the system interaction, in the implementation of tasks, users should be able to stop or quit at any time, rather than helplessly watching the system continue.

Viii. reducing the burden of user memory

We should help users to avoid requiring them to remember all kinds of information, such as the logical association between menu items, and a better classification will help users find out which feature buttons are in place.

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