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First, set the New tab page to IE9 browser's homepage

Many people may not like to set the Web site Navigation page as the homepage, then when you open the Internet option, found that the default button only set as a blank page and so on options. If you want to put the top ten Gontushi homepage, as long as in the home page input box to enter about:tabs on it-

Second, let IE9 no longer "dumb"

A lot of internet users from the old version of the Internet, will find a "less obvious" change-no sound IE9! The classic "Click" that followed each click was never heard again. Although for such a function, perhaps not everyone will like, but I think it is necessary to give everyone their own choice.

In fact, the navigation tone in the IE9 has not been completely canceled, but is the default did not start it. If you want to reopen it is also very convenient, just open the Internet option, into the "advanced" → "accessibility" tab, and then check "Play system sound" on it.

Open IE9 Navigation Sound

Third, save the page is very easy

See how pages of interest are saved, still using Page → Save As? Of course, we have a better choice in IE9.

Try a ctrl+s that you often use in Word, in the latest version of IE9, developers purposely joined us in this window's iconic shortcuts, so from now on, whether in every corner of windows, as long as you want to "save", then "Ctrl+s" Bar!

Ctrl+s in IE9

Four, how to scale the page

In order to create a completely different look, IE9 's development team is painstaking, the new design of the interface extremely streamlined, almost discard all the previous function buttons. So a little trouble arises, how to scale the Web page?

Of course, such a problem may be difficult to pour some netizens, such as the rightmost "shortcut menu" to find the "Zoom" button, can also use CTRL +, CTRL-Speed zoom, but the most convenient also is the old version of IE in the lower right corner of the zoom button.

In fact, and a lot of hidden out of the shortcut panel, the Zoom button is not difficult to restore, as long as the IE9 interface in the blank area right mouse click, check the menu "status bar" can be. How, is not back to the past!

A long-lost "zoom button"

V. Historical browsing how to find

Many netizens are accustomed to using the navigation buttons in front of the address bar to advance back, but after entering the IE9 era people suddenly found that the original used to bring up the history of the "small Arrow" disappeared, now can only be like elephant the next click button forward back.

The handy "Historical arrow" in the IE8.

In fact, this feature has not been deprecated by Microsoft, if we put the mouse on the rollback (or forward) button more than a second, can also activate the History menu. In addition, the right mouse click on the button, or with the mouse down the drag button can also achieve similar effects.

IE9 can also activate the History menu in one second

Six, hidden "Search bar"

As we all know, in order to facilitate the use of users, the new version IE9 the address bar with the search bar for the first time, the user as long as the keyword input address bar, the browser will be intelligent to identify, launch search engine execution. Although this design is more consistent with the general user habits, but if the search term is "baidu.com" such as the class Web site what to do?

Obviously, the direct input will definitely be recognized by the browser as the URL, so IE9 provides us with a hidden "search bar." Try adding a "?" before the keyword. , after joining the previous suffix, the browser will force search engines for subsequent keywords, so a hidden "search bar" appears.

Hidden "Search Bar"

Of course, if you want, you can also go directly to the search bar mode through ctrl+e, the effect and manually add "?" Same.

Seven, Web page control display

This feature is not found much, but it does not mean that it is not very useful. In fact, since the birth of a multiple-label browser, the free separation of tags is a very important function.

In short, if we want to compare the contents of two pages on the same page, maybe IE6 is more practical, because we can easily open two windows and display them side by side. However, in the IE7 and IE8 times, although the multi-label function facilitates the daily application, but has lost the Single window browsing unique this convenience.

In the IE9 RC version, if you think a Web page needs to be compared with other pages, then you can drag it away from the original IE panel, let go after the new tab will automatically create a new window to continue to display.

That's it! The rest of the operation will not need me to say, here you can make full use of the Win7 Aerosnap function, the two IE drag to the left and right side of the screen, later a picture shown below will appear in front of you.

The label can be automatically separated from each other

The Refresh button and stop button can you put it in front? IE9 Address bar to the right did not go to the button ah?

Microsoft provides adjustment options for IE9 RC, but it's hard to find that you need to right-click on the Address bar refresh or stop button and click "Sign in Address bar to stop and Refresh" in the menu, as shown in the following illustration:

As shown in the figure above, you can also choose to display the menu bar, Favorites bar, command bar, and status bar. By default, these are hidden.

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