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The translator @ni the shopkeeper, the article for those who have a good user experience of technology products or applications, will enumerate the user experience needs of the 5 point requirements.

At the beginning of the product design, the user experience is the center of the product, from the visual design to the user experience, and then by the user's behavior to grasp the user's psychology. Being able to do these 5 points may be the next great product.

If you've ever used a mobile social network to apply path, I think you've become obsessed with its superior user experience. The path design is very ingenious, and it is also easy to use. The red color scheme and the smooth navigation bar are full of movement. This social application makes it easy for users to find friends. This benefits from the associated recommendation of path and its connection to Facebook.

In short, path has a very good user experience. Although the user experience does not determine whether a technology product is worth continuing to operate, it will ultimately determine how many users are using the product-which is important for a product like path. In fact, path may have other failures, but it is worth mentioning that the path developer is gaining an opportunity to create a product with a good user experience.

1. Smart UI Design

A good user experience doesn't just refer to the user interface, but the interface does help a lot with the product. Today I opened the path and tried it out briefly. On path, if you like a picture or something, you can click on the smiley face icon (pictured) in the upper-right corner. Of course, if you really like this picture very much, you can choose the heart-shaped icon. There are three others: a sparkling face, a surprised face and a sad face. This shows that path uses 5 different types of icons to express "like", exquisite and image. Similar features, in Facebook, only "like" and "Don't like" two options.

2. Make Users Addicted

Smart interface design is one thing, but you also need to see the value of it.

Products must solve a problem for you, or a pleasant pastime, to allow users to use again and again, in other words, to make users addicted. At present, there is a popular service on the network called Pinterest. It is an online nail board, which has now become addictive to many users. On the Internet, most social products focus more on the presentation of text forms, while Pinterest creates a completely visual user experience model. It meets the need to provide users with a certain amount of space that allows them to store photos of related topics, such as those surrounding wedding dresses.

3. Make the user easy to get started

As a technology product, frankly speaking, the Kindle Fire is not as beautiful as iPad2. The shape of the fire is a small rectangle that looks like the ipad's penis. But the Kindle Fire is far better for new users than the ipad, making users more addictive. On the ipad, you usually need to connect itunes to enjoy some music, which is often a time-consuming and tedious experience for beginners.

4. Consistent user Experience

Nowadays, there are more and more Internet devices, these devices usually have different screens. Therefore, it is important to be able to bring a consistent experience to the user on different devices.

I have recently been using an online music application Rdio (currently available only in the United States) to illustrate this very well. I was impressed by his nearly consistent user interface design on the iphone and PC. More than that, Rdio also allows you to download the entire album to your mobile device, so that you can listen to music even if you don't have access to the network. Also worth mentioning is that Rdio defaults to downloading music only when you use WiFi (and, of course, how you can receive the huge bills you bring with the 3G network, or you can set up a 3G network download).

5. Enough to change user habits

It can be said that the best High-tech products can radically change the way we do things. The iphone and ipad are two typical examples, as are Twitter. These products, or create a new user experience, or in a better way to change the old habits.

I once asked Google + about some examples of good user experience products, and Chris Brogan told me that Fitbit had changed the way he managed his fitness program.


Source: http://www.leiphone.com/0907-warlial-ue.html

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