A method for flex to invoke a custom class in WebService

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 flex How to call a custom class in WebService, here's a good example, and friends who don't know can refer to the following

The code is as follows: public class returnresult  {  public int Curindex {get; set;}   Public DataTable idxlist {get; set;}  } //test database connection   [WebMethod (Description = "!!! Test database connection, link string in Web.config ")]  public bool Conectdb ()   {  Strcon = configurationsettings.appsettings[" Sqlconduke "];  conn = new SqlConnection (Strcon);  try , { . Open ();  return true; }  catch (Exception)   {  return false; }  finally  {&nbsp ; Conn. Close (); } }    code is as follows: [WebMethod (Description = "Get detailed data (DataTable) based on <b> photo name </b>, STRTB , eg:panview;strimgname,eg:20131019072740-0000150 ")]  public DataTable getinfobyimgname (string STRTB, String Strimgname)   {  bool Ifcon = CONECTDB ();  if (Ifcon)   {  string sql_bfcar = "SELECT * FROM dbo." + STRTB + "where imagename like '%" + strimgname + "% '";  da = new SqlDataAdapter (SQL_BFCAR, conn);  myds = NE W DataSet ();nbsp Da. Fill (myds);  return myds. tables[0]; }  else  {  return null; } }      [WebMethod (Description = "Based on <b> photo name </b> get all the data (returnresult) of the link, strtb,eg:panview;strimgname,eg:20131019072740-0000150 ")]   Public Returnresult Getlinkdtbyimgname (string strtb, String strimgname)   {  Returnresult Returnresult = New Returnresult ();  bool Ifcon = CONECTDB ();  if (ifcon)   {  Returnresult.curindex = Convert.ToInt32 (Getinfobyimgname (STRTB, Strimgname). Rows[0][0]);  string strlinkguid = Getinfobyimgname (STRTB, Strimgname). ROWS[0][1]. ToString ();  String sql_bfcar = "SELECT * FROM dbo." + STRTB + "where linkguid like '%" + strlinkguid + "%" ";  da = new SqlDataAdapter (SQL_BFCAR, conn);  myds = new DataSet ();  da. Fill (myds);  returnresult.idxlist = myDS. tables[0];  return returnresult; }  else  {  return null; } }    Flex CodeThe:  code is as follows: <?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?>  <s:application "xmlns:fx=" http://ns.adobe.com/ mxml/2009 "  xmlns:s=" Library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark "  xmlns:mx=" LIBRARY://NS.ADOBE.COM/FLEX/MX " Minwidth= "955" minheight= "creationcomplete=" Application1_creationcompletehandler (event) >  <FX: script>  <! [cdata[  Import mx.collections.arraycollection;  Import mx.controls.alert;  Import mx.events.flexevent;  Import mx.rpc.events.faultevent;  Import mx.rpc.events.resultevent;    public var arr:arraycollection=new arraycollection ();  public var aaa:string=new String ();    protected function Webservice1_faulthandler (event:faultevent):void  {  alert.show (event.fault.toString ()); }   protected function Getlinkdtbyimgnamehandler (event:resultevent):void  { //aaa= this.myweb.getlinkdtbyimgname.lastresult.curindex; //Arr=this.myweb.getlinkdtbyimgname.lastresult.idxlist.tables.table.rows;    aaa=event.result.curindex;  arr= event.result.idxlist.tables.table.rows;  alert.show (aaa+ "" +arr.length.tostring ()); }      protected function Application1_creationcompletehandler (event:flexevent):void  {  Myweb.getlinkdtbyimgname ("Panview", "20131019072740-0000150"); }   ]]>  </fx:Script>   <fx:Declarations>  <!--place non-visual elements (such as services, value objects) here-->  <s:webservice id= "MyWeb wsdl=" http :// WSDL "fault=" Webservice1_faulthandler (event) ">  <s:operation name=" Getlinkdtbyimgname "result=" Getlinkdtbyimgnamehandler (Event) "></s:operation>  </s:WebService>  </fx:declarations >  </s:Application>   
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