A tutorial on restoring the real texture of skin after PS grinding

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My method is a little bit more, but the skin is really strong, it's a way of combining new skin with old skin,

Changed the traditional grinding skin after the smooth loss of the defects of the texture. After a few iterations, take it out and share it with the big guy today.

This method is a simple idea is taken from the copy layer of the skin of a small piece, pattern generation, reduce the transparency of half, slightly sharpening the contrast. Then the

Copy layers to reduce noise until you can't see the noise, but also keep the level of light on the skin. Then merge the pattern transparent layer with the duplicate layer, and then add the mask

Version, with a soft brush about 10 transparency of the eraser can be completed, the key spots can be repeated smear will disappear. Although the steps are a little more troublesome,

But I feel the skin is really strong. A little experience in humble opinion, here welcome and colleagues and teachers to continue to explore.

This method can also be used for almost all spots with a lot of difficult p graphs. It is important to note that the reproduction layer to reduce noise grinding to improve or even more grinding a

Try not to see the obvious spots best. The second is the mask with a soft brush 10 pixels around the transparency of the smear, pixel can not be too high, as far as possible to let through

The bright layer and original texture are organically combined. After the completion can also be appropriate to increase the point brightness contrast to improve the level of facial light intensity.

Here is the comparison diagram and tutorial steps


Effect Chart:

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