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First, use good signature.

Ali Wangwang has a signature function, when you communicate with the customer, this signature will appear at the top of the customer's chat interface, the customer will be able to see the first time. You can specify your product introduction and telephone number on your signature, or you can write the latest promotional activities. For example, my signature is to change once a month, each time is to write "x-phase SEO training enrollment began", so that the potential customers and customers at any time to know my SEO training admissions information. The number of words in the signature is best controlled in 15 words, concise, so that customers can see a glance. The role of this signature is very important.

Second, the establishment of "group".

Be sure to learn to set up a "group" on Ali Wangwang, which is a good way to manage your friends (including customers) effectively. For example, I have established "intention customer", "Deal customer", "Business Friend", "Ali Netizen 1", "Ali Netizen 2", "Ali Netizen 3", "Ali Netizen 4", "Ali net Friend 5". Which "Ali netizens" are ordinary netizens, the largest number. Each "group" is best reserved only 200 people, this is to ensure smooth mass message. Many netizens may not know how to set up "group", the concrete procedure is: in the blank place of Wang Wang, right click, then choose to click "Add Group", then name your "group".

Third, Mass articles.

Generally wrote the article, we should send the article mass to Ali Wangwang on the netizen, let them share together. First you have to use the cursor to hold your group name, and then click on the right button, select "Mass message to team members." Here to emphasize, Wang Wang's system, if you want to smooth mass message, each "group" only allow 200 people, if more than 200 people, to move other people to other "group". In the mass, it is usually pasted on the title of your article and link address, you can also paste a small paragraph of advertising language. Here to pay special attention to the point is: Many netizens do not like you often send articles to disturb them, so you have to write in a mass message "if disturbed, please inform." The other side if there is a response, made clear that do not want to receive mass messages, then you have two ways to deal with: first, to establish a "group", this "group" is dedicated to the placement of people do not want to receive a mass message, the second is, directly delete the other.

Four, establish "group".

Learn to use groups to do marketing. QQ Group Marketing and Wenwang marketing is the same. You have to build a few more groups to get your potential customers to join your group, and then you can focus on selling your product to them. Build a group is very simple, in your Wang Wang find "my group", according to the hint, double-click, and then name your group name, and to your group to do a precise classification

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