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Recently, on the, I saw two questions about interaction designers:

1. "How do you plan for the first three years of a new interactive designer to get a quick personal development?"

2. What should be included in the work of an interactive designer? Is it a prototype or a final effect chart?

These two questions are typical questions when it comes to getting started with interactive designers. As a newer, with the development of the Internet and constantly iteration of the design branch, interactive design gradually permeate the middle of the work flow, but because the industry is too new, the new mealy also common, the experience of senior practitioners may not be suitable for every new industry and new team. But in general it is inseparable from the goal, implementation, analysis of these aspects of refinement and decomposition. And listen to our answers to two questions.

First, answer the first question: "How do you plan for the first three years of a new interactive designer to get a quick personal development?"

First of all, you have to deduce and verify your goal, not the same as accurate, you can fine-tune in advance.

"To make a successful product design case?"

"To be a successful product?"

"To be a designer in income?"

"Lay the groundwork for interactive design?"

These are the goals, as novices you have to think about what to pursue, that is, constantly torture their work values. Can do a good product interaction design plan, may not be able to promote a successful product birth. And the birth of a profitable product may not necessarily require the most professional interactive design.

Ask yourself what you're after for three years as an interactive designer. After you know the target, break the target and get the initial plan.

Generally speaking, not just interaction designers, 1-5 years is the technology accumulation stage (can accelerate the process through the effort), 5-10 years is through performance to improve their stage (you need to find the right environment, partners). In fact, in the first three years of practice, finding a team and leader that will enable them to learn quickly and accumulate experience can help individuals develop better.

Interactive design There is an old saying that before the tenth year you will not have a senior title, enough to explain the accumulation of knowledge, experience and application of the importance of this industry.

The second question is, "what should be included in the work of an interactive designer?" Is it a prototype or a final effect?

It depends on what you want to show you, and what you are capable of knowing about you. For me, I want to know what designers know about the industry (depth, breadth), reading books, knowledge architecture (your major and what you're good at, the ability to learn). And the experience of the project, whether it is a high-fidelity or prototype, is mainly thought should be how you summarize the user's scene and requirements, how to solve the problem (your design). Good designers will also take into account the feasibility of the implementation of the technology and multiple sets of options.

In short, the presentation is not important, your ideas and solutions are important.

Article Source: UC Gifted visual R.E.D

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