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Today, no matter any Internet products, need to carry PC platform to promote, Banner is a big weapon to promote, how to banner design is a need to explore the subject of research.

The size of the banner specification varies, file size also has a certain limit, which makes the design of a lot of obstacles, color can not be too rich, otherwise it will be in the size of the file distortion, soft text can not be too much, otherwise there will be no focus, outweigh the gains, how to grasp the balance between the square, become very important. Next, I for everyone to sum up tired some, if has meanness, please correct me, extremely thanks.

The first part: color

1.Banner Comparison with Environment

If you put banner on a Web site that is based on a light tone, it would be a good way to boost your users ' attention (and vice versa).

It can also be inferred that if you put complementary or contrasting banner on a color-focused web site, the effect will become more noticeable (complementary color and contrasting case).

2.Banner Color Simple First

(1) Imagine a banner colorful, is it possible to attract attention to it? First, compare

Which attracts your attention more? Most people will feel that the latter gives users more visual communication, concise, simple and powerful effect, give a person a sense of weight and strength. Although the former color is many, but did not bring a better visual transmission effect, why? Excessive use of color can disrupt the color rhythm, and weaken the contrast between colors, making the overall effect weaker. (2) Secondly, the more colors, the last save when the file volume is larger, loading up slowly, so that users will be waiting to say good-bye, if by reducing the quality to achieve banner upload requirements, that show to the user is low quality banner, also will lose some users.

Therefore, the color is simple and powerful, loading clear and fast, for banner visual communication is very important, as long as the user to create a click desire, we promote the goal reached.

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