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In order to help you better learn the knowledge of Android development, Shang Guan 4G Intelligent Operating System Laboratory ( for everyone to make the following learning roadmap, hope to help the vast number of Android enthusiasts. Before we start, let's start with a simple understanding of the relevant knowledge:
Industry Background:
Today, involved in the communication industry chain every link, there is Android figure, Android is the first completely complete the entire communication industry chain operating system, mobile phone solutions, integrators, operators, content providers, users, are playing Android, Are amazed at the explosive growth of Android, Android now has more than 500,000 new Android devices enabled every day.
With the expansion of the Android platform, causing the Android talent shortage, the future talent demand gap will reach millions. But qualified androidproject is a handful, enterprise recruitment difficult to imagine. According to the Beijing News and other media reports Androidproject a year of experience monthly salary of 8000 yuan, on the micro Bo Kai-Fu Lee said students transfer Android software development. We believe that in the next few years, Android development project will be one of the hottest jobs in the 3G industry.

What is android:
Android is a Linux-based open-source operating system that is primarily used in portable devices. There is no uniform Chinese name, and more people in mainland China use Android (unofficial) or Ann (official). The Android operating system was originally developed by Andy Rubin, initially primarily supported by mobile phones. It was funded by Google in 2005, and has been developed and improved by a number of manufacturers to form an open cell phone alliance, gradually expanding into tablets and other areas. At the end of 2010, Android, which has only officially launched its two-year operating system, has overtaken Nokia's Symbian system, the world's most popular smartphone platform, to dominate the decade.

Industry Salary:
Why you must learn Android:
Faster pay boost channel better hot jobs Many other industry talent demand hottest new technology industry
According to the Beijing News and other media reports Androidproject one year work experience monthly salary of up to 8000 yuan. Kai-Fu Lee on the Micro-blog on the students to transfer Android software development. Shang graduated students pay a maximum of 16000 yuan/month (after tax), the minimum 3000 yuan/month (in college), the average starting salary of 4828.84 yuan/month.

View the View Android student employment Details》

Android Development Overall Roadmap:

Basic Learning--javase:
a lot of friends started to learn Android, seems to be too anxious some. Android application development is based on the Java language, so there is no solid basic knowledge of Java, just mechanical copy of other people's code, is no matter what the meaning. So what is the extent of Java learning to be a cross-border? The following Java Basic (javase) syntax knowledge must be fully mastered.

Classic Learning Video Tutorials
Java Overview identifiers, Keyword1 identifiers, Keyword2 Operator

Process Control 1

Process Control 2 Array of strings Object-oriented Programming features 1 Object-oriented Programming features 2 Object-Oriented Programming feature method
Object-oriented Programming feature construction method Object-oriented programming features this Object-oriented Programming feature static Package Interview control
Inheritance 1 Inheritance 2 Inheritance 3 Interface 1 Interface 2
Interface 3 Polymorphic 1 Polymorphic 2 Exception Handling 1 Exception Handling 2
Collection 1 Collection 2 Collection 3 Collection 4 Collection 5
Collection 6 Collection 7 Collection 8 File Files and folders 1
Files and folders 2 IO Brief Introduction File stream Buffered streams Buffered Stream read/write
Db Eclipse Multithreading 1 Multithreading 2 Multithreading 3
Multithreading 4 Multithreading 5 Network Programming 1 Network Programming 2 Network Programming 3
Network Programming 4 File read/write Convert stream Print Flow Random Interview
Gui-awt GUIAWT2 Guievent gui-Job Guiswing

Basic Learning Extension--javaee:
because very many Android applications require server-side support, it is necessary to master some of the server-side development knowledge. Java ee:ssh-struts+spring+hibernate. The advantages of such technology are complete and powerful, have been used for many years, and traditional Internet applications, most of which are made of Java for its construction platform, which allows a large number of content providers can be high-speed learning into the Android product development, And can be based on their own content features a lot of other focus on interactive design and UI expressiveness, greatly reducing the development cycle of mobile Internet applications.

Classic Learning Video tutorials:
jdbc-Brief Introduction Jdbc_connection Jdbc_statement Jdbc_statement Jdbc_resultset
Jdbc_metadata Jdbc_preparedsta Jdbc_callablest Jdbc_dao01 Jdbc_dao02
WebProject structure Servlet Brief Introduction Servlet fom form Processing Servlet Request header Information servlet corresponding header information
Servlet Cookie Servlet Session Servlet-scope Servlet-filter Servlet-listener
Servlet-resource JSP Simple Introduction jsp-script elements jsp-instruction Element jsp-Action Elements
Jsp-Built-in objects jsp-Define your own labels Jsp-jstl Jsp-el Jsp-mvc
jsp_project01 jsp_project02 Struts Brief Introduction Struts Action Strutsactionform
Struts tab Struts Dispatch Proactively generate struts yourself Struts1 Self-Validating 1 Struts1 Self-Validating 2
Struts1tags2 Struts TAGS3 Struts TAGS4 Struts Project1 Struts Project2
Struts Project3 Struts Project4 Hibernate_ Configuration 01 Hibernate_ configuration 02 Hibernate_ Basic Configuration
Hibernate_compositekey Hibernate_component Hibernate_ Big Data types Hibernate_ Inheritance Mappings Hibernate_ Inheritance Map Instance
Hibernate_ Association Mappings Hibernate_hql Hibernate_autogen Hibernate_pro2 Struts2_config
Struts2_action Struts2_action2 Struts2converter Last class Assignment Commons-fileupload
Struts2_interceptor01 Struts2_interceptor02 Struts2_validation struts2_i18n Struts2_tags01
Struts2_tags02 Struts2_project1 Spring Brief Introduction Spring Brief Introduction 2 Spring-ioc
Spring-di Spring-aop Spring-aop-api Spring-aop-xml Spring-aop-transaction
Spring-jdbc01 Spring Integrated Hibernate

Classic Learning Books recommended:
Java Learning Books now have a lot of, we are here for everyone to recommend a few introductory books for junior high-level learners, for everyone to participate in the test.
The Java Programming specification
Suitable objects: 0 Basic, Intermediate
Description: Author James Gosling (father of Java), the basic commentary is very good.
The idea of Java programming
Suitable objects: 0 Basic, Intermediate
Introduction: The author of this book is the famous C + + programming idea, the understanding of OO is very good, Java as an object-oriented language, you learn Java is the best time to participate in this book to get started learning.

"Java Core Technology: Volume Ⅰ Basics"
Suitable objects: 0 Basic, Intermediate
Introduction: Official agency books, you have to have a copy, this book is more comprehensive and easy to understand. When you put it on the side, check it out and take a look. It is an essential book to learn.

Basic Learning Expands--linux Foundation:
Android is a Linux-based open-source operating system, in the future to learn and work in which we will deal with the Linux command, it is necessary to add some liunx basic knowledge.

Classic Learning Video Tutorials
Linux Learning Recommendations 1 Linux Learning Recommendations 2 Characteristics of the UNIX like system UNIX Principles System structure and terminal console
RHEL5 Linux Installation Ask for help under Linux FILE-related commands preliminary System Command Preliminary Initial user and group management
File properties Directory Properties and Umask Linux editor and Vim preliminary Linux Search and compression Text processing and normal form
Input and output redirection and piping Process Control Process priority foreground background Bash variable shortcut keys Bash operators and startup scripts
Shell Scripting and interaction Shell Script Process Control Shell Script Sed&awk Linux installation software Linux under X graphic display system

Classic Learning Books recommended:
"Bird's private cuisine" is very good for people who have just started to learn.

Android Development Learning--Basic Theory: System Architecture Analysis:
The Android system has a total of 4 layers from the bottom up and each layer encapsulates the underlying implementation and exposes the calling interface to the previous layer.
1. Linux kernel (Linux Kernel)
       android performed on Linux Kernel 2.6, but replaced the Linux-bound part of the GNU protocol so that the Android program could be used for commercial purposes. The Linux kernel is the abstraction layer between the hardware and software layers.

2. Middleware middleware consists of two parts: the
        Core library and the execution time (libraries & Android Runtime) Core Library contains , Surfacemanager display System Management Library, responsible for the display of 2D or 3D content to the screen; Media Framework Library, responsible for supporting images, supporting a variety of video and audio recording and playback; SQlite database, a powerful lightweight embedded relational database ; WebKit browser engine, etc.
Dalvik virtual machines:
        different from Java virtual machines, each Android application executes in its own process, Have a Dalvik virtual machine of their own, which enables the system to be optimized at execution time, and the impact of the program is greatly reduced. The Dalvik virtual machine does not execute Java bytecode, but rather executes its own byte code.
3. Application Framework (Application framework)
A rich and extensible view (views) that can be used to build applications that contain lists (lists), grids (grids), TextBox (text boxes), buttons (buttons), and embeddable Web browsers. Content Providers enables applications to access data from an application, such as a contact database, or to share their own data. The Resource Manager (Resource Manager) provides access to non-code resources such as local strings, graphics, and layout files (layoutfiles). The Notification Manager (Notification Manager) enables applications to display their own defined prompts in the status bar. The activity manager is used to manage the application lifecycle and provide the navigation fallback functionality that is often used.

2. Middleware middleware consists of two parts:
The Android system will include some app packages including email client,sms SMS program, calendar, map, browser, contact management program, etc. All the basic applications are now written in the Java language.

Classic Learning Video Tutorials
Android Development Status and prospects Android Simple Introduction Android-helloworld Fundamentals of Android Apps Android Layout Simple Introduction
Android Options Menu Android creates a menu from an XML configuration file Android context Menu Android Sub-Menu Android dialog box
Other common Android dialog boxes Android User Interface Toast Android user interface-layout-linear layout Android user interface-relative layout Android user interface-table layout
Android user interface-table layout 2 Android Event Handling Android user interface-Frequently used components Android user interface-Self-active text completion Android user interface-List view
Android user interface List view 2 Android Time Selection dialog box Android user interface-progress bar Android user interface-Tabular view Android User Interface-Tabs
Android player Android Wireless ordering system Blog Login Client1 Blog Login Client2 Tetris 1
Tetris 2

Classic Learning Books Recommended:
"Android application Development Specific explanation" book content specific, case rich is suitable for everyone to learn.

Many other exciting content:
1. Android Online learning Video
2, still view Android students the highest monthly salary broken 16000 (after tax)!
3, Android Development architect V3.2 Edition course (bottom, framework, application covers all)

Android Development Best Learning Roadmap

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