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The ClientCertificate set obtains the verification field from the Web browser publishing request (specified by the X.509 standard ).
If the Web browser uses the SSL3.0/PCT1 protocol (that is, it uses a URL starting with https: // instead of http: //) to connect to the server and request verification, the browser sends the verification field.
If verification is not sent, the ClientCertificate set returns EMPTY.
You must configure the Web server to require client verification before using the ClientCertificate set.
Syntax Request. ClientCertificate (Key [SubField])

The name of the verification field to be obtained. Client verification includes the following fields.
A binary stream string in ASN.1 format, including the complete verification content.
A group of logos that provide verification information for other clients. You can set the following flag:
CeCertPresent-verify the current client.
CeUnrecognizedIssuer-the last verification from an unknown publisher on the chain.
Note that to use the above flag, you must include the client verification file on the ASP page. If you are using VBScript, it should contain cervbs. inc. These files are installed in the InetpubASPSampSamples directory.
String that contains the list of sub-field values. This list contains information about the verified publisher. If this value is specified without a SubField, the ClientCertificate set returns a list of child fields separated by commas. For example, C = US, O = Verisign, etc.
A string containing the verification serial number, which is expressed in hexadecimal ASCII code separated by a hyphen. For example, 04-67-F3-02.
String that contains the list of child field values. This list contains information about topics for verification. If this value is specified without a SubField, the ClientCertificate set returns a list of child fields separated by commas. For example, C = US, O = Verisign, etc.
Specifies when the verification is valid. This date complies with the VBScript format and varies with country (region) settings. For example, in the United States, it can be expressed as 9/26/96 11:59:59.
Specifies when the verification expires.
Optional. Used to retrieve separate fields by the Subject or Issuer keyword. This parameter is added to the Key parameter as a suffix. For example, IssuerO or SubjectCN. The following table lists some common SubField values.
Specifies the name of the original country (region.
Public user name. (This subfield is used only with the Subject keyword .)
Specify the name.
Specifies the first letter of a group.
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