,ibatis for. Net,daofactory Data representation in web development

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This article discusses the combination of,ibatis,daofactory on web development data representation, showing how each layer in development organizes data.

IBatis for. NET is a powerful and functional SQL Map tool, not an ORM tool. It is mapping the SQL statement to a. NET object, and combining this. NET object with the data in the page (the of page datasource I call Formbean bar (not the same concept as the Formbean in Java) This will be achieved. NET class for maximum reusability and flexibility.

Daofactory is also ibatis for. NET provides a component. The implementation class used to dynamically configure the DAO interface, so that when business requirements are changed, the DAO implementation can be changed only through XML without recompiling the program.

So for such a framework:

1. The Web layer is Formbean to display and retrieve data.

2. The business layer is represented by a ibatis mapped. NET class.

3. The DAO layer is represented by the. NET class mapped by the Daofactory language Ibatis.

So the entire structure can be represented by the following diagram:

In this framework, the. NET class, mapped by Ibatis's SQL map, is used as the PO and VO in this architecture. And this. NET class is also an important component of Formbean.

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