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1, only need to login Baidu browser, daily search and access to the Web page will generate points, these points accounting into your Baidu browser when the use of Baidu account, the highest daily access to 320 points.

2, a Beijing-east red envelopes as long as 10 points, one day Archie members and Baidu library members as long as 500 points, so as long as efforts to surf the Internet one day more time can exchange a love of odd art or Baidu Library, Jingdong red Envelopes 10 points is basically white send mody. As long as the points are enough to click on the corresponding exchange on OK, as shown in the picture:

3, however, it is necessary to note that the integral is possible to clear zero. No login for 30 consecutive days, the points reduced by 50%, 60 consecutive days without login, 50% points reduced, 90 consecutive days without login, zero points. However, the browser will be used almost every day, as long as you do not forget to login Baidu account OK, as shown in the picture:

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