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has not been able to adhere to the habit of blogging, after n months once again write a blog, is also the first technical blog, the example project is two or three months ago in the school wrote, writing is also relatively simple, the first contact API development, mostly just divert, their programming ability needs to improve.

A brief introduction to this example, the main function of the example is to display the location of Guangzhou tourist attractions and related information, can achieve location search, public transport search and driving search, the development of language is mainly html+javascript, of course, the effect of web details using jquery, Map point of display data is placed in the Baidu map lbs open Cloud. API calls need to apply for the key, open cloud is easy to use, but there are data can not show the whole situation, contact customer service to determine the existence of the problem after there is no then ...

There are web programming basics of contact Baidu Map API development is relatively easy, the development of language classroom is not taught, but they can take time to learn programming, regardless of divert, follow the process of learning, the program can love and adhere to the very important.


<!doctype html>  

page Show:

Baidu lbs open Platform:

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