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If the app is compared to a beautiful woman, then icon is her document, the interface is her body, and the action is her body language.

Foreword: If the app is compared to a beautiful woman, then icon is her document, the interface is her body, and the action is her body language.

How do you stand out in the app that is now in Ling Lang? Designers to consider, not only is the product more reasonable to show the structure and function, more important is to think of their own app can be easy to understand, but also give users a sense of novelty? At this point, the limited screen space close to the hint of the text is not enough, Apps need more fresh blood-"dynamic design." Dynamic design can expand the space content, simplify the guide process, reduce learning costs, more importantly to the user to bring unexpected-similar to the "cool" surprise, it is like human body language, through body language to convey more abstract information and character display.

Body language, also known as physical language, refers to the expression of the person's thoughts through the coordination of the head, eye, neck, hand, elbow, arm, body, crotch, foot and other human body parts to convey the thought of the figure, which is a kind of communication way of expressing the language image. A person to convey complete information to the outside world, pure language components accounted for only 7/100, tone accounted for 38/100, and the other 55/100 information needs to be conveyed by nonverbal posture. The importance of body language is evident.

Body language can be roughly divided into three types of action: basic movements, signs and difficult movements, these three kinds of action is how to reflect in the app design?

1. Basic dynamic performance to make users comfortable

Basic actions can also be called routine actions, such as sitting, walking, shaking hands, hugging, etc. the basic actions in the app are divided into three categories: 1. Directional action (slide, eject, etc.)

2. Prompt action effect (slide delete, drop-down refresh, etc.)

3. Space expansion (flip, enlarge, etc.)

Do not underestimate the basic action, imagine when you see a beautiful woman up to you come to the results of the hunchback, the outer Eight, what is the feeling! So does app. Smooth, natural mapping, gravity simulations these seemingly simple but can make the user at ease in the operation and have a strong sense of generation. This kind of dynamic effect the most important is to let users feel no burden and such as MU Spring Breeze, that is, do not take people's attention, silently comply with user behavior, guide user needs.

This kind of dynamic effect in the design process requires some ideas:

1. System compatibility and resource occupancy

2. Rhythm of dynamic speed

3. biomimetic or realistic reproduction


Picture 1.3x3 Dynamic Control

The signature movement is based on the choice of the basic movements of the differential display. For example, the path plus button animation is designed for space expansion. Facebook launches the paper to turn off the message by stretching the curve animation and so on.

Smart design to meet product functional requirements based on the more users can be stunning. This kind of dynamic effect is the exclusive symbol of the app, the app's brand and the force display have greater space to play through this kind of dynamic effect. This is like Michael Jackson's debut pose, as soon as he and his imitators assume this pose we immediately think of MJ. Similarly, this kind of dynamic design is more tentative and forward-looking, it is the practice and exploration of the dynamic trend, and even can lead to the trend of bandwagon.

This type of dynamic design needs to be noted:

1. Before the operation prompts the guidance

2. Exaggerated and personalized performance

3. Projections of dynamic trends


Picture 1. Animation of gesture hint

The basic dynamic effect lets the user be comfortable, the sign dynamic effect lets the user be impressive, only these is not enough for a "high Force lattice" label app. In this everyone is very hard to fight the world, not to point to the experience of the difficult movements of people are difficult to make others to your admiration. This kind of dynamic effect is very cool, very dazzle, can let the user for a long time the sight stays to enjoy, lets the user "WOW" at the same time, had to design the dynamic effect schoolmate to be good, has greatly promoted to the app to belong to the brand and the development team strength recognition. Of course, do not forget the main function of the app, the difficult action is just icing on the cake or the finishing touch. Therefore, in the app design, the highly difficult action is not always used, according to the actual needs of the app design. In the premise of not interfering with the main function, explore the display. So this kind of dynamic effect is more than the current Guide page or special feature display such as mobile phone cleanup app show clean progress of the meter dynamic and so on.

This kind of dynamic effect need to pay attention to: to meet the system resources occupy the premise as far as possible to play it! Just do it!

Picture: Dashboard Animation

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