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Sina Weibo new version, the students know that the card-type design is swollen, but the card design is not only surface Kung Fu, how to keep the card clear and not stiff? If the card can be integrated into the overall site, and the patchwork is even better, today we select a group of card-type design of high-quality sites, To learn from the master!

With the increasing emphasis on interactive design, card-style design-this is not a novel design method has been revisited by the designers.

As the name suggests, card-type design is the composition of the Web page in the form of cards presented. The card mentioned here cannot be simply understood as having a piece of paper with a rectangle on the paper.

For example, a card-like design should at least be as straightforward as a poker. A pattern, a text, although the content is not much, but has very clearly expressed the meaning of the card.

Each card-style web design must display a basic overview of the information, while at the same time the user should be given the opportunity to participate in each card. Based on this, we can initially agree that card-type design feedback is not only a useful information, but also need to allow users to integrate and do more.

The following is anyforweb for you to collect the card-style web design, hope that designers will be more reasonable card design application in the Web design.


1. The first case is the official website of Anyforweb. Banner each of the following parts are used in different types of card design, in order to make the site as a whole look more beautiful, so most of them use the form of illustrations. Card design in the Web page appears in the role of a variety of, in the site mainly reflected in the case and the company's strength of the general display, title, picture and simple text, so that constitutes a clear card-style design.

2. This is a more acceptable card-style web design, pictures and text is also divided very clearly, very effective to reduce the user's thinking time, can find their own part of the first time. But this approach in the aesthetic degree may be deficient, the site will appear to be more boring.

3. Card design is the most common in the E-commerce Web site's commodity details page, and almost all of the electronic commerce sites have no way to avoid the use of card-type design, which is indeed a small area to reflect the best possible information in a better way.

4. Collectiwe's website design is more special, showing the effect of origami. Designers use creases to separate each module clearly, in the form of an intangible card-style web design, this design allows users to browse also more space sense.

5. This case uses a card-style design to express a graphical effect, which not only makes it easier for users to understand, plays an important role in the expression of content, but also makes the whole page look more lively.

6. This site is based on the overall layout of the elements not only card-type design, but also a metro style traces. Each square basically according to the picture, the text explanation and the small icon's order arranges, the order lets the user in the browsing time methodically, arranges the way to let the website look not monotonous.

7. From the website of Hix design, we can see that it is very important for the card-type designing to be integrated into the website in a harmonious situation. The biggest feature of card design is that it makes the layout and organization of the entire site clear, but it may also cause the card to be too independent, resulting in the overall style out of tune.

8. Living Edge Overall is a simple and refreshing website, card design to create a minimalist style of the site is indeed very effective.

9. This is a website for promoting yoga courses. Designers use one side of the case picture side of the way to explain, so that interested users more convenient to understand, illustrated way also let the case itself more seditious and representative, light color at the same time increased the site's affinity.

10. The first glance of this site will give us the feeling of a creative website, which may be the unique charm of yellow-black collocation. Card design in the Web page appears patchwork, so neat and messy and peaceful coexistence.

The essence of card design is to allow users to interact with the Web page, so that the page good to watch with two not mistaken!

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