Citrix combines ckey for two-factor authentication

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1. Demand Analysis

Problem description

employees in the internal and external network office environment with the help of Citrix access to resources for various application resources

Many people still log in with an initial password or an overly simple static password

Weak password Easy Network Information System leakage Event

Regular replacement of the domain login password plan caused many people's dissatisfaction

achieve Goals

Ascension Citrix User login security to eliminate potential information leakage risks from weak identity identification

reduce static password forgetting or periodically force changes to the login password to the employee Cost of IT managers to save on enterprise management

Do the user login can audit, detailed responsibilities

2. Solution

2.1 Program Introduction

Ckey Dynamic Password Authentication is a two-factor authentication method, Citrix users in the original domain account password authentication based on the addition of a layer of dynamic password authentication, the formation of two-factor authentication, in order to enhance the Citrix user access authentication security.

compared to the previously available only one hardware token two-factor authentication scheme, Ckey allows customers to choose one or more of the following three types of dynamic passwords:

SMS Password: Send the random password to the user's mobile phone via SMS without installing software and carrying extra hardware;

Mobile Phone token: Dynamic password Generation Mobile client program, support IOS, Andriod, WP7, no use cost;

Hardware Tokens: Time-based, every 60 seconds to generate a dynamic password, no key-type, 36 life span;

To provide users with security certification, while improving the ease of use, Ckey has become the preferred solution for Citrix users in China.

Citrix combines ckey for two-factor authentication

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