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As a result of the deletion of cookies generally only for this account, so many people logged in the computer, we need to clean up the cookies need to be logged into each account and then delete, or with administrator rights of the account login and then open each account to delete, and if the account number has a dozen, Manual removal is a very troublesome thing.

Open Notepad First, and then copy the following to Notepad:

echo off

Color 0a



:: Title cleaning cookies and browser spam files under all accounts on this machine

Dir "%systemdrive%documents and Settings"/ad/b >%systemdrive%dirtmp.txt

for/f%%a in (%systemdrive%dirtmp.txt) do del/f/s/q "%systemdrive%documents and Settings%%acookies*.*" &del/f/S/ Q "%systemdrive%documents and settings%%alocal settingstemporary Internet files*.*"



Then in Notepad, click the File menu, and then select the Save As command:

In the dialog box that pops up, select Save type as all files, enter a filename in file name, End With. bat, and then click the Save button:

Then locate and double-click the saved. bat file:

In the pop-up window, you can see that the current program is automatically cleaning up the cookie file under all the accounts in your computer:

At this point you open the "My Computer" under the C-packing directory, you should be able to see a DirTmp.txt file:

This file is just our program generated, which is all logged in the local account, we can manually delete:

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