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Some friends who upgrade to Windows 8 from an older version of Windows will feel the system disk footprint is larger because the WIN8 upgrade will store the previous automated backup of the system files in the Windows.old folder, which ranges from several gigabytes to more than 10 GB. If the space of the system partition is not very sufficient, the problem that disk occupies is more obvious. To remove this folder, you can use the Disk Cleanup feature of the WIN8 system by using the following method.

Press ' Win+e ' to open Win8 File explorer and you can see the Windows.old folder from the system partition. Because of the specificity of the system files and related permissions settings, direct deletion can be a bit cumbersome. Therefore, we recommend using the Win8 "Disk Cleanup" feature to clear the "Windows.old" folder.

Windows.old folder:

Windows.old is a Microsoft Windows system upgrade or reload in the process to back up the old system important Files folder, the new system will be the original system in the "Windows", "Program Files", "Users" and other directories in the directory to transfer to the system partition of the new system In the "Windows.old" folder. If there is a problem with the new system, you can extract the file to replace the entire system or a single file.

After using WIN8 for a period of time, if you confirm that the original files and settings are already in their corresponding locations in the new system, you can remove the Windows.old folder for secure reclaim of disk space by using Disk Cleanup. Note: Before you use Win8 Disk Cleanup, make sure that all files and settings are in the Win8 where they are. The delete operation performed on the Windows.old folder is irreversible.

Right-click the system letter and choose Properties from the right-click menu.

Left Image: Old system backup folder right: View Win8 System Properties

Next, click the Disk Cleanup button on the General tab.

Icon: Click the "Disk Cleanup" button

Now we go to the Win8 Disk Cleanup interface and click the "Clean System files" button.

Icon: Select "Clean System Files" in the Win8 Disk Cleanup interface

Here we can see the "Previous Windows installation" option, check this, click "OK" to remove the Windows.old file.

Icon: Check "Previous Windows installation" and Confirm cleanup removal

Here's how you can use the Win8 Disk Cleanup tool to upgrade your legacy Windows system to a stored Windows.old folder that is backed up in the WIN8 system partition.

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