Common fault handling for network card faults

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Common installation failures for network card faults

cannot install NIC for diskless station

phenomenon: My company in the use of Lenovo Daily 1000 computer as a diskless station, can not install en1688 network card. After checking, the computers used Ga-6la7 or Qdi

Legend7 Motherboard.

method: Modify the Bootrom default start address and other resource occupancy of the NIC.

Step: It is recommended to set the Bootrom default starting address of the NIC to d800h, break to 3,i/o 300h, and do not prohibit BIOS

the floppy drive in Setup.

Note: Some network card bootrom default starting address is c800h, easily with the AGP video card and other parts occupied by the address resource conflict caused the installation failed. It is recommended that you set the NIC to: Interrupt 3,i/o

300h,bootrom address is d800h and the A drive is opened in Setup. Practice shows that de220p,en1688 and other network cards can be used normally without disk.

Alternative Installation network card method

phenomenon: Lenovo Daily 1000 computer can not install the network card.

method: Try an alternative installation method.

step: First copy the driver of the NIC to the C:windowsoptionscabs directory, and then install the driver for the network adapter. After the installation shutdown, open the chassis, the network card after pulling out for an expansion slot insert, close the chassis, reboot. The system detects a new device and then installs the NIC driver again.

Note: At present, the analysis is not clear very specific principles.

d-link220 network card causes the panic phenomenon: Lenovo Daily 1000m233 computer, after installing D-LINK220 network card often crashes.

method: Prohibit the p&p switch.

Step: Turn off the p&p switch, manually add (or enter the Safe mode to manually add the network card, and then normal boot), the system can be normal identification.

Description: The installation of the network card is related to the P&P switch. When the P&P function of the network card is turned on, a panic occurs during the computer configuration. This phenomenon only occurs in part Lenovo Daily 1000

m233 on the computer.

Nic led is not lit

phenomenon: One Lenovo Ben Moon 2000pii/400 computer, using QDIA5 motherboard. Normal installation of 3COM3C905B network card, the driver is normal, but after the network network card LED is not bright, the Internet is not.

method: optimizes the network card. Step: Run 3com from the Setup program, select the "Properties" option in the "Optimization" button, the network card can be connected to normal, correct access to the Internet.

Note: This NIC LED is not bright, it is like the NIC is broken. Do not know that "optimization" has such a large role.

could not find the NIC or Bootrom

phenomenon: My diskless station can not find the NIC when starting, sometimes can not find the bootrom. This is Lenovo Gemini star diskless Station.

method: Modify the Biossetup related settings.

step: Find "Reportnofddforwin95" in the Biossetup setting, and change the factory defaults to No.

continue to find "integratedperipherals" build-in

Cpuaudio ", set it to disabled.

Note: The cause of this phenomenon has two aspects:

1, CMOS BIOS setup has a Reportnofddforwin95, the factory default is yes, when this is yes, de220 and Intel

pro10+ network card, there is no network card bootrom phenomenon.

2, Lenovo Gemini Star motherboard reserved audio chip location, in Biossetup integratedperipheralsals

, there is a build-incpuaudio, when this entry is opened, its default interrupt is IRQ5, the address is 220h, 330h. This item is not disable in the factory default settings. So when using Intel

pro10+ network card, because the interruption of this network card is often set by the user to irq5. At boot time, the system sometimes leaves the irq5 to a sound card that does not actually exist so that the NIC is not interrupted, causing an error during startup.

Use fault

network card and software conflict

phenomenon: Lenovo Gemini Star and the securities industry in the self-service entrust system software conflict. How it can be solved.

method: Remove the network card bootrom address in Emm386.exe.

Step: Modify the EMM386 command line in Config.sys to Device=c:dosemm386.exe


Note: If you use both Emm386.exe and network card bootrom address, you need to prohibit bootrom address in EMM386.

Boot Speed Slow

phenomenon: After installing the network card, the boot speed is slower than before. The computer hard drive did not respond for some time.

method: Set the TCP/IP address of the network card.

Step: Open "My Computer", "Control Panel", "Network", "TCP/IP Protocol", "Properties", "IP Address", set the address in the following range:

10. 0. 0. 0-10. 255. 255. 255

172. 16. 0. 0-172. 31. 255. 255

192. 168. 0. 0-192. 168. 255. 255

Note: Win98 will check the status of the network card, if the network card has not yet set IP address, the operating system will automatically search an IP address assigned to it. This process takes about 10 seconds. Note that if you do not have a fixed external IP address, please use the RC

1597 Custom Privateip:

10. 0. 0. 0-10. 255. 255. 255

172. 16. 0. 0-172. 31. 255. 255

192. 168. 0. 0-192. 168. 255. 255

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