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Q: The mouse can not move after the boot, to restart the computer many times to do?

A: The mouse can not move after the boot, to restart the computer several times to do, USB and PS/2 are the same. has been useful rising and 360 anti-virus, the system has not seen other problems. In addition, on the boot, when the screen image into the second, three pictures, is to enter the scan boot, screen twilight There are many small blue, red dot, two lines of a group, very regular line, but to the window after the screen, there is no these small points, this is what the reason?

Possible causes are:

1, drive, virus and so on, preferably reload the system.

2, it is estimated that the motherboard of a certain capacitor has a problem, many times the charge heating is good. Fix it.

3, there may be a problem with the interface, try more.

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