Computer operation: Practical WIN10 combination Shortcut key recommendation

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Computer operation: Practical WIN10 combination Shortcut key recommendation

Win+d (Desktop minimized)

Sometimes the desktop opens at the same time too many applications, want to quickly back to the desktop how to do? The quickest is the shortcut. This function can be said to be one of the most practical Win10, just press the WIN+D, all the windows will be immediately minimized, very convenient, some office workers afraid to see the boss, really in Taobao, use this trick is very useful.


Just upgrade the WIN10 users, may not find the resource manager, at this time only to press the win+e can be easily found, do not need to find this computer (My Computer).

Win+home: (Close the active window quickly)

We often encounter a lot of windows need to close the problem, but to manually shut down is too troublesome, this time can be used to Win+home, using this shortcut key combination, in addition to the current, other windows will be closed.

Win+l (lock screen)

When you need to leave the office, you can quickly lock the screen by using this shortcut key. Compared with the mouse to point half a day to lock the screen, step into the direct win+l to the fast.

Win+i (Control Panel)

In the win 10 system, our well-known control Panel has been renamed to "set", although the previous win+x+p shortcuts still exist, but the new win+i is faster.

Win+q (start voice Natalie)

Natalie as a win10, very good use of a voice assistant, after using Win+q, will pop up the Natalie Listening window, you can use voice want to Natalie say the required command.

Win + R (Fast Open run)

Sometimes, we need to open the registry, or enter the CMD command operator interface, all need to open the Run window, and then type other related commands, and the fastest way to open the Run window is to use the Win+r combination shortcut keys.

ALT + TAB (quick switch on open software)

WIN10 computer open Software too much, sometimes find too troublesome to do, try the ALT + TAB combination shortcut keys, can quickly open a number of software to facilitate the user to switch at any time.

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