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  1: Desktop-> Right-> properties-> appearance-> Advanced-> Item Selection (window), color 1 (L) Select (other) to change hue to: 85. Saturation degree: 123. Brightness:205-> Add to Custom color-> at the custom color selection point OK-> ok so all documents are no longer dazzling white background black words, but very soft red bean paste green, this hue is the eye expert configuration, long time use will be very effective to alleviate eye fatigue protection eyes.

Computer window Select Visual Protection color: recommended several visual protection color

Milky Way white #FFFFFF rgb (255, 255, 255)

Almond Yellow #FAF9DE RGB (250, 249, 222)

Autumn Leaf brown #FFF2E2 rgb (255, 242, 226)

Carmine #FDE6E0 RGB (253, 230, 224)

Green Grass #E3EDCD rgb (227, 237, 205)

Sea Sky blue #DCE2F1 RGB (220, 226, 241)

GE Towel Violet #E9EBFE rgb (233, 235, 254)

Aurora Gray #EAEAEF RGB (234, 234, 239)

  2: How to adjust the color specified by the Web page

You have to set up first, open the browser, click the "Tools", click the "INTERNET" option, point to the lower right corner of the "accessibility", and then check the "Do not use the colors specified in the Web page." Click OK to exit.

If you are not satisfied, you can change back to the original settings.

Hue set to 160, saturation set to 0, brightness set to 240.

Desktop Default color:

Hue: 141

Saturation Degree: 115

Brightness: 105

Red: 58

Green: 110

Blue: 165

  3: Refresh frequency to more than 75, it is best to turn the font up. It is best to use liquid crystal. Brightness, contrast, do not open too much, contrast and brightness as far as possible soft, high brightness on the eyes of the stimulus is relatively large, in order to ensure the job needs of the premise of the dark some better, and the best background is green, can reduce the stimulation to the minimum. The contrast and brightness of the monitor is also hurt the eye, pay attention to correct use and proper rest is kingly. So it should be 1-2 hours to leave the screen activity for 15 minutes or so for the eyes best. Also have to drop eye water, guarantee the eye can moisten.

  4: How the computer family protects the eyes

1. Dietary aspects. Eat more fruits and vegetables seafood. Eat less sweets. Eating the liver of animals, drinking chrysanthemum tea and green tea is good for the eyes.

2. One hours of network, you need to rest. Look at something 5 meters away and your eyes will be rested.

3. Sports health care. You can do eye exercises. The hands rub hot to place the eyeball can have the blood circulation function.

4. Keep Moist. Often blinking has this effect. A cup of hot water next to the computer, the role of keeping the environment moist, drink more water is equally effective.

5. If you have to spend a long time on the net, you can drop some eye drops before you take a break.

6. The screen is too bright or the environment is too dark to be harmful to the eyes. Also keep the monitor clean.

7. There is a small barrier to radiation protection, can be hung in front of the monitor. There is also a kind of radiation-proof eyeglasses designed specifically for computer workers.

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