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Primary initial analysisBytesThe guiding part is to load the virus body to the memory to prepare for the infected part (for example, resident memory, modify interrupt, modify high-end memory, and save the original interrupt vector ). The infected part is used to copy the virus code to the infected target, which is the biggest difference between viruses. The first two parts are also used for this part, the first two parts serve this part. Most viruses have certain conditions to trigger their performance. No matter what type of virus programs intrude into the system, the operating system will be affected to varying degrees. Even virus programs that do not directly cause damage occupy system resources (such as memory space, disk storage space, and system running time), affecting the normal operation of the system, there are also some virus programs that delete files, encrypt data in the disk, and even destroy the entire system and data so that they cannot be restored, resulting in irreparable losses. Therefore, the side effects of virus programs can reduce the system efficiency, resulting in system crash and data loss in severe cases. The phenotype of virus programs reflects the true intention of virus designers.Features: infection, concealment, destruction, DerivationComputer Virus vigilanceBecause computer viruses are a file (Program) that can be executed by a computer system, this program reflects a design concept of the designer, computer viruses are also composed of several components, such as installation, transmission, and damage. Therefore, these modules are easily modified by viruses or other counterfeits, make it a computer virus different from the original virusInfectious ClassificationA boot virus is a computer virus that is parasitic in the disk boot area or the master boot area. During system guidance, the virus does not identify whether the content in the Main Boot zone is correct or not. During the boot system process, the system is intruded into the system, the memory is resident, the system is monitored, and the standby mode is infected and damaged. Based on the parasitic location of the boot virus on the hard disk, it can be subdivided into the primary Boot Record virus and Partition Boot Record virus. The Master Guide records the active boot areas of the hard drive, such as the marijuana virus, 2708 virus, and TORCH virus. The partition guide records the active Partition Boot records of the hard drive, such as the ball virus and Girl virus. File viruses are computer viruses that can be parasitic in files. These virus programs infect executable files or data files. Executable files such as 1575/1591 virus, 848 virus infection. COM and. EXE; Macro virus files such as Macro/Concept and Macro/Atoms infected. DOC. Composite viruses are computer viruses with Boot viruses and file viruses. The virus expands the virus program's transmission path, infecting both disk boot records and executable files. When a disk infected with the virus is used to guide the system or call the execution of the infected file, the virus will be activated. Therefore, when detecting and removing a compound virus, it must be completely eliminated. If only one of the characteristics of the virus is found, the virus can only be cleared as a boot or file virus. Although it seems to have been cleared, there are still hidden risks. This "clean" system after disinfection is more aggressive. The virus includes the Flip virus, the new world virus, and the One-half virus.Connection TypeSource code virus: the source code written in advanced languages is attacked. It is inserted before the source program is compiled, and compiled and connected to executable files together with the source program. At this time, the generated executable file has been infected with viruses, which is rare and difficult to write intrusion viruses: it can replace some modules or stack zones of Normal programs by itself, making it difficult to find out, difficult to clear. these viruses only attack certain programs and are highly targeted. Operating System Virus: some functions of the operating system can be added or replaced by its own part. Because of its direct infection of the operating system, the virus is harmful to shell viruses: attaching itself to the beginning or end of a normal program is equivalent to adding a shell to a normal program. Most viruses belong to this type.Destructive ClassificationBenign virus: only displaying information, playing music, making sound, and self-replication are benign viruses that only present themselves and do not completely damage the system and data, but consume a lot of CPU time, A type of computer virus that increases system overhead and reduces system work efficiency. Most of these viruses are the product of attackers who do not want to destroy systems and data, it is designed to allow computer users infected with viruses to see or hear the Programming Technology of the virus designer through a display or speaker. These viruses include small ball viruses, 1575/1591 viruses, ambulance viruses, Yangji viruses, and Dabi viruses. Some people use these characteristics to publicize their political views and ideas. There are also some virus designers who conduct personal attacks during the onset of the virus. A virus is a type of computer virus that can damage the system or data and paralyze the computer system. These viruses include the Black Friday virus, the TORCH virus, and the mixianxiang-jiluo virus. This type of virus is extremely harmful. Some viruses may cause irreparable losses to users after attacks.

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