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As a programmer, I pay more attention to common software cracking methods because several small software I have compiled are often cracked. In this article, I have exhausted all kinds of software cracking methods, such as algorithm registration machines, memory cracking methods, patch cracking methods, and file registration methods, so that you can "know yourself and know yourself ". At the same time, I also want to make everyone realize that Software Encryption and cracking are a long-term "cat and mouse" contest.

  I. algorithm registration Machine

The algorithm registration machine is a program that can automatically generate the software registration code after the hacker analyzes the software registration code algorithm. (generally, the software author has compiled an algorithm registration machine, used to sell software ). Because the software to be cracked in this way is exactly the same as that registered in the genuine version, there is no difference in functionality, so it is the perfect method for software cracking. The following describes three steps of algorithm registration machine.

1. Run the unregistered software, get the software machine code, and then register with the algorithm registration machine number.

This type of Software Encryption features that a registration code can only be used on one computer, like a one-to-one binding with a computer. Here, we will take "4.6 Chinese characters in the South" as an example. After installing the software, click "register" in the Help menu. In the registration window, you can see a unique machine code generated based on your computer. Copy the machine code to the corresponding algorithm registrar. Click Generate to obtain the software registration code (1 ). Finally, enter the calculated registration code in the software registration code window, and enter the name of the registrant at will to complete the software registration.


Figure: run the unregistered software. After obtaining the software machine code, use the algorithm to register the computer number.

2. Use an algorithm Registrar to directly calculate the registration code

This type of software is the most common encryption method. A registration code can be used to register the same software on different computers. The following uses UltraEdit v10.10c as an example. After installing the software, it prompts you to enter the user name and registration code. Start the corresponding algorithm registrar and enter a user name (such as hacker). The registration code is automatically generated below (2 ). Finally, copy the obtained registration code to the registration window of UltraEdit and fill in the user name you just defined. The registration is complete.


Figure: using an algorithm Registrar to directly calculate the software registration code

3. register directly with an algorithm Registrar

There are very few software using this registration method. It features that the software is successfully registered once the algorithm registration machine is run! Take Clone. CD. as an example. Do not start the software after it is installed. Run the corresponding algorithm Registrar to keep the Default User name unchanged (you can also customize it). When you click Exit to Exit, the software is successfully registered (3 ).


Figure: directly register software using an algorithm Registrar
   Ii. Memory Cracking Method

The memory cracking method is to first load the cracking program (memory registration machine), then read the registration code of the software in the memory, or modify some data related to the software in the memory, to crack the software.

1. Get the registration code directly from the memory

This method only requires you to know the memory address of the software registration code. You do not need to master the algorithm of the software registration code, which saves the time to compile the memory registration machine. Here, we use "V3.12" as an example. After installing the software, copy its memory registrar to the software installation directory. Connect your mobile phone to your computer and run the memory registration machine. The memory registration opportunity will automatically start the software and go down with the displayed mobile phone wizard. The mobile phone will be automatically detected. After the detection is complete, a window is automatically displayed for the memory Registrar, which contains the software registration code. After you write down the registration code, click "OK". The software registration window is displayed. Enter the registration code to complete registration (4 ).


Figure: Get the Software Registration Code directly from the memory

2. Use the Loader program

This method is used when no good cracking method is found. It can remove the registration Prompt window (or the software Expiration Prompt window) during software running ), it can simulate the software registered runtime environment in the memory, and even some can bring some function expansion to the software. Friends who have played online games with "Legend" should know this method of cracking. It is a bit like a "Legend" plug-in. The following uses UltraFXP v1.06 as an example. The handler points to the Loader program. In this way, the Loader program is run before the software is run, and the software environment is "registered ". The popular qq ldr program also belongs to this type. Its function is to remove QQ advertisements and display the IP addresses of the other party. The advantage of this plug-in cracking is that you do not need to modify the program file of the software (5 ).

Figure: Loader program like an online game plug-in
   Iii. Patch Cracking Method

The patch cracking method uses related patches to modify the software to crack the software. This method is generally used to crack the software verification registration code or time. Basically, it is used to modify the judgment statement of the original program.

Here, we use MSN Messenger 6.1 as an example. Instead of running it, run it to crack the patch. Click "Apply Patch" in the Patch to specify the installation directory of MSN Messenger. Click "OK" to complete software cracking (6 ). After the above operations, the advertisement bar of MSN Messenger is no longer available, and several can be run at the same time.


Figure: crack MSN Messenger with patches

Iv. File Registration Law

The file registration method is to put the software registration content into a file so that you or others can use it for registration.

1. Import the Registry

This registration method is to run the. reg registry file for registration, and the registry information of the software registration code is stored in this registry file. The procedure for cracking is to install the software first, and then double-click its. reg file to crack the file. After a dialog box asking whether to import the registry appears, click "OK" to complete registration. Nokia LogoManager 1.3 adopts this method, but its cracking includes two types: main program file cracking and registry import.

2. register the file

A typical example of this registration method is WinRAR. Its registration file name is Rarreg. key, which contains the username, registration code, and other information. After WinRAR is installed, copy Rarreg. key to the installation directory of the software. When WinRAR runs, it automatically reads the information in the registration file to verify that the software registration is correct.

5. Cracked version

The cracked version means that the software you have obtained has been cracked and can be used directly as a genuine registered software. If the cracked software cannot be completely cracked, some problems (such as random errors) may occur during operation, which is not as effective as cracking with a registration machine.

For example, LogoManager File Converter can be directly used after being downloaded because it has been cracked. There is also a cracking version that only cracks the main program file of the software. After the software is installed, copy the cracked main program file to the installation directory of the software, and overwrite the original main program file to complete the cracking.
   6. Other content related to cracking

   1. view the cracking information in the NFO File

Many software downloaded from the internet carry the NFO file, which contains detailed cracking information of the software, such as the cracking time, organization, release method, cracking method, and installation method (7 ). However, NFO files are basically in English and can only be understood with a certain degree of Basic English. View NFO files available damn nfo Viewer (: Click to download). You can use NotePad to sometimes see the pattern in it.
Vc/BvyDI7bz + xsa94re9t6i0873Sw9yjqLbgzbyjqQ = "src =" "border = 0>   

Figure: NFO cracking information File of LogoManager File Converter

   2.0day and Warez

When it comes to cracking software, we cannot talk about 0-day and Warez. 0-day does not mean that hackers can "unlock" a software in less than a day, but that they can "unlock" the software in the shortest time and publish it online. 0-day really means "instant release". We can regard it as a kind of spirit. Warez is a general term for software cracking. "z" represents both the plural and many, and 0 (zero) in 0-day. 0-day is actually a form of transmission of Warez.

There is no "evil" organization in the world called 0-day or Warez. If someone says that he belongs to a "0-day organization", it often does not mean that he is actually working in a cracking organization called "0-day", but refers to him (or his organization) the software cracking behavior conforms to the 0-Day spirit. 0-Day is a non-commercial, non-profit software and voluntary cracking behavior. The behaviors on the market that make 0-day software into pirated discs are irrelevant to the intention of 0-day.

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