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If you also have an auction experience, you will understand that good product photos, absolutely conducive to the sale of love, so many famous brands are willing to spend money, in order to make good work photographer. In particular, jewelry and jewelry, such as the most attention to the taste of photos, some of these photos are the key, is bright and concise background, plus a faint reflection.

Here is the Google input "clock", looking for a white background image, demonstrating how to use Photoshop, make a simple reflection effect, this is enough to put on the general auction site used.

1. Image –> Cutting

Cut the extra edges, especially the bottom position of the picture, the less blank the better.

2. Edit –> copy (or CTRL + C) –> paste (or CTRL + V)

After you select the picture, copy it and paste it into a new layer.

3. Image –> Layout size

Pay attention to "height" and "layout extension color", increase the height by one times, pay attention to "anchor point", and use "foreground color" is preset white.

4. Edit –> transform –> vertical Flip

In theory you continue to edit the new layer, move it to the bottom, close to the original, and then flip over to become the embryonic form of the reflection.

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