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I chose joomla as the information platform. I have created some sections, some categories, and added some articles respectively. My directory is divided into three layers:

Business: Digital catering clothing by category (taking digital as an example) MP3, MP4, camera, notebook ...... by brand (taking digital as an example) patriot, Newman ..... so what should my category correspond? What Should section correspond? It seems that joomla only has two levels of directories and uses Content Management (I didn't introduce mongoumart at the time), which is far from the hierarchical requirement. My classification is MP3, MP4, camera .... while section is catering, digital, graphic ..... well, I have each article introduce a specific product, such as patriot's t60 digital camera. Next, select a template. I used ja barite. It was very nice at first. However, the left-side main menu is the same as the top-side main menu. In addition, some components are in conflict. This is a post, but this is the first outstanding work of joomlawork, and it is worthy of praise and use. Select the product decoration method. I chose wmtportfolio. at that time, I thought of a good way of listing his products (a bit of E-commerce flavor). The Ajax big chart shows the URL link, so that I can link to the articles about the products in detail. All of this looks good. I added the yycomment component so that people can make comments when reading a specific product introduction, such as the Patriot t60 digital camera. Well, if there is no shopping cart or other functions, the website will be ready. However, if you want to search for Patriot products, there is no corresponding method. It should be that Profil is just an image display component, and it has a lower level. I split my MP3 and MP4 files... what should I do? I had to seek help from mongoumart. Virtumart is brand new and I have to learn it now. It can display multi-level directories. For example, if one of my directories is digital and the subdirectory is camera, then I can select a producer, such as patriot. After adding a module, I can search for products by directory and manufacturer. These are all good. There are shopping cart, inventory and other information. But I am not satisfied with it. First, the architecture is still not in the tag format. For example, I first searched by vendor. patriot and all patriot products appeared. But I can't find the Patriot MP3. Only when I click MP3 will all MP3 (patriot, Newman, etc.) appear. Second, there are only two levels of thumbnails. One is thumnail in the product catalog display, and the other is click to view the big picture. There is no graph in flypage. Of course there is a solution on the Internet, but I have no time to change it. Then I joined the product photoslide gk2 of gavick, which is just a good company and works well. I will study it later. Slideshow of this component makes the homepage cool. At the same time, I used slideshow pro, Phoca gallery and other enhanced features. However, I am not very familiar with these components. Okay, you can. The local xmapp runs well, but I want to upload it to the VM. I spent a lot of time studying the principles of virtual hosts and what services are provided on them. There are also domain names registered there, domain name providers such as hichina registration process, domain name resolution process. Upload started. For websites uploaded to, do not directly upload folders, so files are easy to lose. You need to package and upload the package, and then ask the Space Provider to decompress the package. This is joomla's
Configurarion. php is generally incorrect. Modify the localhost values. At this time, I uploaded a fresh joomla file and installed it.
Configuraition. php is configured in this way. I have also studied the import and export of databases. Websites are web pages and databases. The web page is packaged and uploaded, and the database needs to be imported and exported. I later learned that joomlapack is dedicated to this. Then, the user manages and sets up edits. The Junior administrator allows you to edit the content together. Then there is the configuration of the optimization and pseudo static IP (SEO. Now, I have a real experience with website construction.

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